Anti-Amazon Socialist Will Publish Book on Amazon, Proving Even Socialists Love Them Some Capitalism

Socialism is for the people, not the socialist.

The old adage about how even the socialists don’t want to follow the rules of socialism rings completely true, and the latest example can be seen in the form of Seattle’s socialist city council member Kshama Sawant.


According to the Daily Wire, Sawant is anti-capitalist, and carries a huge amount of disdain for Jeff Bezos and Amazon in particular. She’s labeled Bezos a “bully,” and uses taxpayer dollars to print out anti-Amazon fliers to spread around the city. According to the Daily Wire, she even “successfully led the push to tax Amazon in Seattle to fund a homelessness plan that hasn’t even been fleshed out yet.”

And yet, Sawant’s upcoming book “American Capitalist” is slated to be released on Amazon’s Kindle for $9.99.

The book is apparently Sawant celebrating her successes of forcing socialism down the throats of the people, and will apparently be released by one of the largest independent publishers in the country says the Daily Wire:

“American Socialist” aims to be an inspirational story of “how Sawant toppled a sixteen year incumbent who was backed by a powerful Democratic Party establishment and reshaped Seattle’s political culture around demands for economic and social justice, reviving national debate around municipal socialism in the process.”

The book will be published by Verso Books, the “largest independent, radical publishing house” in America, if it ever gets completed.

Let’s break this down.

An uber-socialist is going to write a manifesto about the successes and benefits of socialism, denounce capitalism, and will proceed to release the book in order to benefit from the very system she seeks to topple utilizing a company that she has labeled one of the worst examples of capitalism to do it? On top of that, she will allow this to happen on a device that was created by her most hated company, and manufactured utilizing the system she seeks to bring down?


Don’t let Sawant’s love of socialism fool you, or anyone’s love of socialism fool you for that matter. Socialists want to be wealthy. They want more than what they have, and they will take it from you utilizing the government so that the theft is “legal.” However, if forced to obey the rules of socialism, Sawant would pull whatever strings were necessary to keep herself above the very rules she would implement.

This is the way of the socialist. Even Bernie Sanders, the most well-known socialist in America, is prone to hoard money, not pay his debts, and live in luxury.

Socialists are frauds. This is a pure and simple fact. They rant and rave about the American capitalist system as they seek to get ahead in it and take advantage of its many benefits. If they were ever truly confronted with real socialism, they would melt faster than a snowflake in hell. In fact, they would rather not even acknowledge real socialism.

Just look at the way they pretend Venezuela isn’t happening.



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