The View Goes Full Ridiculous: Trump Is Leading Us Toward Stoning Gays, and We Should Rise Against Him Like Iran

I don’t know how Meghan McCain handles the insanity that the women of The View vomit into the American public’s mainstream on the daily basis, but I can tell you she’s not paid enough.


Case in point, during a conversation about the Iran protests, Whoopie Goldberg and Joy Behar suggested we need to have protests of our own to resist Trump because we’re on our way to stoning gays in the street.

No, I’m not kidding.

Here’s the conversation, starting with Sunny Navarro’s comments, according to Newsbusters:

“To me right now we really have to keep our focus on Iran because if somehow they’re able to get themselves free from these chains that bind them from this autocratic regime, it would be a huge game changer the world over,” she stated, before Behar more forcefully pitched her idea that Trump was leading the U.S. into a freedom-less dictatorship:

“I think that’s true in this country also, if we can get away from him [Trump],” Behar snarked, to audience approval.

After host Sunny Hostin praised the protests and images of Iranian women removing their hijabs as “so powerful,” McCain tried to address Behar’s anti-Trump arguments:

I just think having any kind of conversation about moral relativism in a country where we couldn’t be sitting here without our heads covered, where gay people are literally murdered and stoned to death in the same streets and comparing it somehow to what’s going on in the United States of America, for me when we have these conversations comparing the United States to Iran, that’s where I end conversations and where I just leave because it’s ridiculous,” she gushed.

But Behar tried to walk back her comparison. “We’re not comparing it–” she began before McCain cut her off.

“You just said we need to rise up against Trump in the same way like Ayatollah Khomeini is somehow morally relative to President Trump. I think that’s crazy,” McCain stated.

“It’s not apples and apples. It’s not equal. But we’re on a very slippery slope in this country towards throwing democracy out of the window every single day,” Behar gushed.


It was then that Behar and Goldberg decided to turn the asininity up to 11.

Navarro chimed in with agreement that Trump’s relationship with the press was a threat to democracy, a favorite talking point by the media.

“We have to defend the press and civil rights here,” Navarro began.

“We do, but we don’t stone people in the street for being gay,” McCain stated the obvious.

“Not yet,” Whoopi chimed in. “Not yet,” she repeated as McCain scoffed.

Behar and Goldberg suffer from a delusion brought on by Clinton’s loss and Trump’s win. While I do believe that Americans should at all times practice a certain resistance to government authoritarianism, and at all times make the decisions that keep it small, to say that America is moving toward a more authoritarian state where gays are stoned in the street is a leftist victim driven fantasy.

Furthermore, when a Democrat is in office, I don’t see this kind of anti-authoritarian talk coming from Behar or Goldberg. In fact, she said the worst thing Obama ever did was “smoke,” when he was responsible for one of the most authoritarian moves in the United States with the Affordable Care Act. Authoritarianism seems to be a-ok with Behar, so long as the person doing the government expanding has a D next to their name.

But to suggest that the GOP is moving the U.S. in a theocratic direction that would see gays stoned in the streets is a ridiculous notion that could only be entertained in the most ridiculous parts of the coastal leftist bubble, or as we like to sometimes refer to it, “The View.” No one’s pushing for a real-life “Handmaid’s Tale.” No one is advocating for throwing gays off of buildings.


That’s happening in places like Iran, where feminists and leftist leaders seem to be more or less silent about the current overthrow happening as you read this.

Odd, that.


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