Ted Cruz Had a Weird Run-In With a Socialist Woman, but Handled It Like a Champ

I don’t know what it is about Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), but the dude attracts a strange kind of anger, or sometimes full-on hate.

This usually manifests into someone approaching Cruz to rattle off “gotcha” questions. Actress Ellen Page once tried to hit Cruz with talk about gay discrimination in the workplace, but instead found herself in the middle of a conversation about Christian persecution that she didn’t seem to have a response to.


But to Page’s credit, she at least tried to have a conversation. This latest woman, presumably a socialist by the way she ra-ra’d it when she met Cruz, attempted to get one over on the Texas Senator that was just lazy and ridiculous.

Twitter user “Marge” apparently asked Cruz to get a picture with her, to which Cruz politely agreed. As they were posing to take the picture, Marge told Cruz to say “socialism will win.”


Cruz, however, still maintaining his polite demeanor refused to say it, and instead notified the woman that socialism was not going to win.

Judging by history, Cruz is absolutely correct. Socialism has a long, embarrassing history of being a complete failure. However, Marge doesn’t seem to have taken note of history at all, and insisted that socialism will win.


To help Marge understand why Cruz doesn’t believe socialism will succeed, I’ll reveal a simple fact that many socialists don’t seem to grasp.

Man is flawed.

In a society where ambition and drive did not exist, socialism may work. We would all be content to be the same, with everyone doing their specified jobs happily and efficiently. Everyone would be 100 percent honest, and not one person would give anything less than 100 percent in their contribution to the societal framework of their socialist utopia.


But that’s not how mankind is.

Mankind is constantly locked in striving for more. More money, more land, more success, more respect, more love, etc. We will go to extraordinary lengths to accomplish goals. In a socialist government, this is not allowed. We can only go so far because economic regulations would prevent various forms of growth. This in itself is not a flaw and is an integral part of humanity’s quest for betterment.

But some of mankind is also content to go to no lengths to accomplish their goals, and will instead rely on the work of others to carry them. They make no moves to improve in any way and thus benefit from the burdensome economic system socialism forces on those who do work. The weight to be carried gets that much heavier.

This is not a self-sustaining system, and like all socialist governments before it, it goes broke. People starve, become diseased, and become the destitute populace the socialist set out to prevent happening in the first place.

So even if socialism does become a prevalent economic system within the country, you’ll find that country suffers in so many ways that aren’t worth its implementation. Socialism and communism aren’t the storybook outcomes you’re told about by college professors and political activists. The real results can be seen in Soviet Russia, and North Korea today.


Nobody wins under socialism.




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