LOL!: Trump Sings to Celebrate Christmas in New Bad Lip Reading Video

If your list of favorite YouTube channels doesn’t include Bad Lip Reading (BLR), then you’re not doing YouTube right.

BLR is known for taking clips from movies, NFL games, and political speeches, removing the audio, and replacing it with dubbed voice acting that turns even the most mundane scene into a hilarious laugh riot.


The channel has been known to dub over politicians like Rick Perry, Joe Biden, and pretty much anyone else who steps up to a podium.

So of course, BLR was going to do something fun with Donald Trump, and as it happens, the channel decided to make it a celebration of Christmas.

Calling the video “CHRISTMAS IS HERE!,” Trump sings about his excitement about the arrival of his favorite day, along with a very not-so happy Melania Trump, and a very lonely robot Trump.

The video was released a day late due to technical errors, but the video is nonetheless worth watching.


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