Hillary Clinton's Former Comms Adviser Says We Should Ignore Bill's Sex Crimes

Leave it to team Clinton to suggest that, while women should be listened to and believed when it comes to sexual harassment and assault, the Clinton’s should be considered above such trivialities.


That’s what Adrienne Elrod, Hillary Clinton’s former comms director suggested on MSNBC on Monday.

Responding to Sen. Kristen Gillibrand’s (D-NY) oh so timely suggestion that Clinton should have resigned due to his affair with Monica Lewinsky, Elrod suggested that casting such shade on Bill is in the past.

“Well, I think she’s absolutely right in the sense that society has changed, that there is a culture that allows for a greater conversation about this today,” Elrod said as she covered for Clinton. “But I also think it’s not productive looking backwards, we’ve got to look forward here.”

Essentially, everyone’s past sexual deviancy should completely matter, just not a Clinton’s. This is incredibly convenient, seeing as how four additional women have come forward with stories about Clinton sexually assaulting them.

Elrod continued by essentially suggesting that Clinton’s previous victims coming forward should be dismissed so that other victims can take the spotlight off him, and put it on others.


“Anytime we bring President Clinton and what he dealt with in the past into this debate, [it] only detracts from the victims who are coming forward and it takes away from their stories,” Elrod continued. “So I think it’s important to focus on giving these women … that platform and give them that space.”

Smooth. Elrod looks less like a comms director here, and more like…


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