Imam Claims to Have Warned Mayor de Blasio About Oncoming New York Terrorist Attack

After Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, 29, ran down bicyclists with a rented Home Depot truck on Tuesday, one Imam claims he had warned New York Mayor Bill de Blasio about an oncoming terrorist attack long beforehand.


(For Updates on the New York terrorist attack, click here)

Imam Mohammad Tawhidi, an Iranian born Muslim reformist, and critic of the current state of Islam claims to have attempted to warn de Blasio repeatedly after noticing an uptick in radical activities within the Muslim community in 2016. According to Tawhidi, De Blasio ignored him.

Tawhidi claims he attempted to reach de Blasio about radicalization in New York through various mediums.

Tawhidi then criticized de Blasio as focusing more on attempting to bring Trump down than dealing with the radicalism on his own doorstep.

Tawhidi says he will post a copy of the letter he sent to de Blasio in 2016 when he lands in New York. RedState will update the article when or if he does.

At this time, Saipov has claimed he committed the attack on behalf of ISIS. No terrorist organization has come forward to claim responsibility for the murder of eight innocent people.


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