Matt Damon Jokes on Kimmel's Show Like There Was No Weinstein Cover-Up Attempt

Put on Jimmy Kimmel and you’ll get all sorts of lectures. You’ll be chastised about you’re your part in the Las Vegas mass shooting because you’re a Second Amendment supporting gun owner, or perhaps told that the people you’re voting for want to hurt people by passing bad healthcare legislation.


One thing you won’t get, however, is a tear filled diatribe about the ongoing sexual assaults and rapes in Hollywood. When it comes to Weinstein, Polanski, etc, all you’ll here is crickets from “America’s Conscience,” and not the Jiminy kind.

Kimmel proved this Tuesday night when actor Matt Damon appeared on the show several times during a gag where he was — oddly enough — trying to force himself into the show. This is on the heels of discovering that Damon pressured the New York Times into burying a sexual assault story about Weinstein in 2004.

This is the same Matt Damon who consistently waxes poetic about the power of strong women, be it his anti-school choice activist mother, or Chelsea and Hillary Clinton. However, Damon appreciation for women seems to end as fast as it begins. He loves women, but standing up for them as they are led into the room of a predator who also happens to be a powerful friends is asking too much. He can declare himself a feminist to Stylist, then shrug off — and even work to keep secret — the horrible treatment of women by his peers.

Meanwhile, supposedly in Kimmel’s mind, the Weinstein controversy has already been covered by him. Tying in his Twitter spat with Donald Trump Jr. over Kimmel’s silence on Weinstein, the late night host delivered a half thought out joke in response.


“What’s the difference between Harvey Weinstein and the Pillsbury Doughboy?” asked Kimmel on Monday night’s show. “When the Pillsbury Doughboy offers you a roll, he doesn’t ask you to watch him take a shower for it.”

So for Kimmel, healthcare legislation and gun control is worth shedding tears and getting angry enough to threaten a journalist on air over, but rape and sexual assault is apparently worth one crappy joke.

Both of these men represent some of the worst hypocrisy Hollywood has to offer.



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