Jimmy Kimmel's Hypocrisy on Full Display as He Surrounds Himself with Extra Security Guards

If you didn’t watch Jimmy Kimmel’s Monday night rant against guns, gun owners, second amendment supporters, and guns that have been banned since the 1980’s, consider yourself blessed. Kimmel’s tear laden indignation was so filled with ignorance, partisan outrage, and statism that you would have made yourself dizzy from all the eye rolling.


Of course, as a result of his hard leftist foot stomping in the last few weeks, Kimmel managed to anger a decent amount of people. Some of these people, as usual, take the anger too far — or as is often seen, just looking to troll — and sent death threats to late night show host.

This, of course, is not right or good. No one should be threatening someone else with harm, or death over their opinion. Kimmel has every right to express his opinions, and no matter how much one may disagree, it gives no one the right to resort to fear tactics that silence people’s rights to free speech.

But because of threats, Kimmel felt the need to beef up his security, at least according to comedian Patton Oswalt, who tweeted out that because Kimmel had “asked for compassion” and “gun control,” he’s had to beef up security.

Oswalt meant to use this as a way to show how evil people who disagree with Kimmel’s message can be, and paint Kimmel as a good man being punished for doing the right thing. Instead, the comedian goofed, and exposed Kimmel’s hypocrisy to the world.

If Kimmel’s security is armed — which it very likely is — then Kimmel has subscribed to the classically leftist stance of “freedoms for me, but not for thee.” Kimmel thinks he and his family are worth enough to increase the number of guns in front of him, but apparently not for you, your family, or mine.


Even IF Kimmel’s security isn’t armed, the late night host still has the money to afford human shields to walk in front of him wherever he goes. Sadly, I — and likely you — do not have the money to do such a thing.

We can likely, however, afford to buy a firearm to protect ourselves and our families. I keep some in my home, and close to my person while I’m traveling. It’s not multiple burly men, or armed professionals like Kimmel can afford, but it gets the job done.

But this is what Kimmel, and too many other coastal elite celebrities and politicians are trying to restrict us from having, if they’re not advocating for their disappearance altogether.

Safety through danger and strength is something people like Kimmel should have according to Kimmel, but us peasants must live without the best means to protect ourselves because sometimes some nutjob misuses the privilege.




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