The Jeff Sessions Georgetown U Speech Brings Out a Crazy Anti-Free Speech Brigade

Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave a speech at the University of Georgetown Law Center  on Tuesday where he spoke out against the war on free speech occurring on campuses across the nation.


Naturally, being attached to President Donald Trump, and speaking in favor of free speech will bring out the crazies, and as it happens, a lot of crazies attend Georgetown U.

According to the Washington Post, law students planned a protest against Sessions during his speech that ran the gauntlet of causes from DACA, anti-free speech advocacy. Students were also joined by faculty, who linked arms and took a knee a la the NFL players protesting a racist country they are currently rich and successful in.

One of the law professors can be seen wearing her sporty #BlackLivesMatter shirt.

According to WaPo, these students were not invited to attend the speech. While it was not made clear as to why, it’s more than easy to guess. As we’ve seen time and again, anti-free speech advocates do not allow speakers to go on uninterrupted, if they let them go on at all.

This was proved very recently when students chanted over former FBI Director James Comey when he attempted to speak at Howard University.

Students held up signs that read messages like “Defend DACA,” and the idea that “free speech” is akin to “hate speech.”

“We, the disinvited, find it extraordinarily hypocritical that AG Sessions would lecture future attorneys about free speech on campus while excluding the wider student body,” third-year law student Ambur Smith said into the bullhorn, according to WaPo.


Of course, no anti-free speech protest would be complete without some anti-white racism.

While I’m not his biggest fan, Sessions is right to tackle the fact that too many of today’s universities and colleges have become out of control bastions of anti-free speech, and anti-American ideological bubbles that punishes wrong think both in an official, and unofficial capacity.

To even practice free speech at UC Berkeley, the university had to shell out $600,000 in order to protect Ben Shapiro from Antifa, or any other student group that decided to become hostile against he, or any of his audience.

Evergreen College students in Washington began “community policing” against those that dared speak out, by carrying around bats and batons wherever they went.

The problem has quite clearly grown out of control, but that’s what these Georgetown law students and faculty seem to be siding against Sessions for.

You would think a school full of people familiar with the free speech laws here in America would understand which side they should be on.


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