New Fox News Poll Shows Hillary Dominating Trump After Debate

Things are not looking good for Trump…again. According to a new Fox News Poll, the Republican candidate apparently slipped a couple points while Hillary gained ground after the debate, giving Clinton a 5 point lead.


In a head-to-head poll, however, Clinton has turned a one-point deficit into a five-point lead, going from 45 percent to 49 percent, while Trump dropped from 46 percent to 44 percent.

It appears that swing can be attributed at least somewhat to Monday’s debate.

When asked who won, 61 percent of poll participants said Clinton, compared to only 21 percent for Trump. 12 percent said the debate was a tie.


This is a yuge upset for Trump, who had finally gained ground and had a one point lead over Hillary. Trump’s performance during the debate, however, must have really put a bad taste in too many mouths as as this poll suggests. Now more people are far more trusting of Hillary to run the country than Trump by a 29% to 18% difference in “very comfortable” respectively.

Still, the “not at all” crowd beats out the “very” crowd by leaps and bounds.


But there’s more.

In addition, the number that believes Trump is honest and trustworthy is down 8 points since mid-September:  31 percent vs. 39 percent.  At the same time, Clinton has mostly held steady on this measure:  35 percent now vs. 34 percent two weeks ago.


I’d like to point out that Hillary is currently under investigation for her email fraud, and her IT guy was just recently caught trying to delete and alter her emails on Reddit…yet Clinton is still more trustworthy to the public than Trump is. Don’t let that to mean the majority of people find Clinton trustworthy. She’s still not trusted by the vast majority of the public by 61%, with Trump’s untrustworthiness coming in with 62%.


Ya know…we don’t have to vote for either of these candidates. There are better options.

Just saying.


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