Poll: The Majority of Americans Want to See a Third Party On the Debate Stage

Gary Johnson’s popularity has done nothing short of skyrocket during this election season, and there’s no need to wonder why. This crop of candidates presented by the two main parties for President are so disliked that people are scrambling for any other option they can find.


Interestingly enough, the majority of both Republicans and Democrats have arrived at the Libertarian party and its candidate, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson.

Johnson is able to capture the best of both worlds for those on the right, and the left. His fiscal conservatism, and free market principles appeal to Republicans, while his social liberalism is attractive to Democrats, especially those who were former Bernie Sanders voters. Of course, Johnson is not without his problems. Where he swings very far to the right on some issues, he swings too far to the left on others. His recent comments on “carbon fees” – realistically a carbon tax – has gotten him in hot water with both his right wing supporters, and his Libertarian base.

Regardless, according to a Quinnipiac poll, Johnson sits with 10% of the vote. Not quite the 15% he needs to achieve the debate stage. Despite his numerical shortcoming, however, people really want to see Johnson behind a podium next to Trump and Clinton.

According to the poll, a whopping 62% of voters want to hear what Johnson has to say. Strangely, when it comes to party alignment, the Democrats want to hear Johnson more than the Republicans do, with 60% and 56% respectively.


As the age group decreases, the desire to see Johnson speak increases as well. The youngest group of voter, 18-34, would very much like to see Johnson on stage with 82%. Even the older groups have a high desire to see Johnson on stage, none of them dropping below 60%, with the exception of the 65+ crowd at 43%.

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The President of the Commission on Presidential Debates has said he may be willing to make wiggle room for Johnson, but didn’t really express how much wiggle room he was willing to give. Perhaps is the public’s desire to have him on stage is high enough, and Johnson keeps his numbers up, we may see him debate after all.


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