Nobody Likes Anybody: 24% Want Another Option Other Than Clinton/Trump

Well this is awkward. Through a series of unfortunate events, we’ve managed to put forward two of the worst possible choices for President that we could have chosen from. We had substance, but we chose reality TV.


So it is that a higher than normal number of people want to check the “other” box, when it comes to our choices, according to Rasmussen.

The breakdown, as highlighted by Newsmax, looks something like this.

When given the choice among Trump, Clinton or Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, the results are as follows:

-Clinton 39 percent

-Trump 37 percent

-Johnson 8 percent

-Someone else 12 percent

-Undecided 4 percent

And it’s especially not looking good for Trump, who is even reported as being beaten out by Sanders by a 4% margin, and Bernie isn’t even likely going to win his nomination. When he does lose, this may spell some disaster for Trump, as much of Bernie’s leftist support my find itself begrudgingly headed to Hillary, or a third party.

Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, has been attempting to coerce would be Sanders voters to his side, alongside wayward Republicans. With Bernie’s long defeat coming to an end, you may see Johnson’s 8% rise even further due to his speaking their language. Again, however, this may include seeing Clinton’s rise as well. Democrats are going to Democrat.


A Reuters poll was also released this weekend, showing Hillary with a double digit lead ahead of Donald Trump. Some 46% said they’d take Clinton over Trump’s 35%.  In this poll, 19% said they’d take a hike. This isn’t as high as the Rasmussen poll, but still an embarrassing number of people who’d rather have anybody else.

There has been no word yet as to the polling numbers for SMOD, but if this election is any indication, the end times cometh.


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