Comedian Rips Apart Protesting SJWs at University

You probably know who Steven Crowder is. He’s been on the forefront of new Conservative thought for some time, and has done everything from infiltrate protests to viral videos.


On Monday, however, Crowder showed up alongside Milo Yiannopolous, and Christina Hoff Sommers at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst for a presentation. Anybody who follows the Milo or Christina knows that their presence at Universities oftentimes causes the leftist progressive students to lose their ever-loving minds.

So naturally, during their introductory remarks, the SJWs attempted to crash the presentation and no-platform Milo and Christina. This resulted in Crowder changing up what he was going to say, and instead of giving opening remarks, he unleashed on the SJWs in something I can’t describe as any less than glorious.

Crowder absolutely slams the protestors right to their face, even pointing some of them out individually and trashing them one by one.

“You’re not fighting for free speech. You’re not fighting for rights. You’re fighting for the right to be a p*ssy, and not hear opinions that you don’t like!” said Crowder.

Watch Crowder destroy these kids below.

“Zero sh*ts were given.” Crowder told me, and you can definitely tell. Crowder was unapologetic, and unconcerned with any sense of propriety at that point. For good reason too. When students like these live so far inside their own little protective bubble, no reasoning and calm speech will get through. All that’s left is to have fun at their expense.


Besides, it might be good for them to see and hear people daring to say things these kids have been told are forbidden. Many of them are so indoctrinated into thinking there are boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed, or concepts that cannot be spoken, that they end up becoming obedient robots without a individualistic thought in their head.

What Crowder, and especially Yiannopolous do, is hammer at those boundaries just to show that they can. They show that they can, and so should you. There’s very little to be gained from restricted speech, and I think it’s about time more of us practice our God given right.

Bonus points if you use it to make fun of SJWs.


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