Boston Mayor Michelle Wu Exposes Her Inner Richard Nixon by Targeting Political Enemies

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Michelle Wu has been found to have sent the local authorities the names of those criticizing her.

In just the latest example of the dual standards in operation regarding the political parties, we get word out of The Cradle of Liberty that the mayor of Beantown may have been targeting those who dare to voice opposition to her policies. The office of Mayor Michelle Wu had to admit that they had sent local police a list of those they felt posed a threat to the mayor, and the layers of hypocrisy are evident.


In yet another case of “It’s (D)different,” a Freedom Of Information Act request has exposed email correspondence where Wu’s office sent local police officials a list of those she deems to be her most dangerous critics and political opponents, supplying this list to the Boston Police Department out of alleged concern for her safety.

This list is said to have sprung out of an incident that played out last month, where a parade had been staged in town, and some participants used the event to station themselves outside of Wu’s residence to protest, making loud calls of outrage against the mayor. As a result, the mayor’s office drew up a list of 15 people that was submitted to the police, including anti-vaccine activists, local restaurant owners, and a candidate for the City Council. What their connection to the parade protest had been is not clear, but all were said to be vocal opponents of Wu’s policies in the recent past.

Once revealed, the mayor’s office offered up a deflection, trying to state they had been compelled to make this list based on a request from authorities.

“The list was made in response to a request from the Boston Police Department after the Mayor had been harassed and physically intimidated by individuals for several months outside her home, at city functions such as the annual neighborhood parks coffee hours, and at other public events,” Wu spokesman Ricardo Patron said in a statement to the Herald. 

“The request (from police) came after many of the individuals on the list repeatedly impeded the Dorchester Day Parade to harass Mayor Wu and her family and staff, yelling through megaphones at her and her children for nearly ninety minutes as they marched in the parade despite being asked by parade organizers to leave the parade route,” Patron said.


The start of the ironies is that the email was revealed only after a group of Wu’s opponents filed a records request. It is apparent this action taken by the mayor is the result of reactions to instances in recent years where this type of activity has been either tolerated or encouraged by Democrats and the press. 

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There have been stern criticisms against Republican leaders like Ron DeSantis who have passed legislation against certain protests, declaring the importance of citizens to have this right. As for those hounding the mayor at her home, this is considered something that should not be condoned; the private residence should be respected for the sake of family concerns. However, Democrats, the media, and the White House have actually encouraged this very behavior. When the ruling on Roe vs. Wade was an issue with the Supreme Court last year, protests broke out in the neighborhoods of the justices. While such protests are illegal, there were defenders of this, including journalists and even Karine Jean-Pierre from the White House press room.

Recall that one of the focused outrages to come out of Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal was the revelation that the president had drawn up an enemies list. The paranoid president had compiled a lengthy tabulation of political foes, and its intent was to exact leverage on those opposing him. As then-White House Counsel John Dean stated in a memo, the list was created to figure out “how we can use the available federal machinery to screw our political enemies.”


Democrats and the media at the time, and in the ensuing decades, pointed to this example of how Republicans would be described as ruthless authoritarians, leveraging the government to attack political enemies. As we have seen, any time Democrats employ similar tactics, there is a very muted reaction. Remember, Barack Obama was outed for using the IRS to go after members of the Tea Party and other political foes, and there was hardly the same level of wailing from journalists, some of whom to this day claim Obama was scandal-free.

Now we have a Democrat mayor drawing up a Republican-inspired enemies list, coming as a result of Democrat-encouraged protest activities, and the normally outraged media sees little to be concerned about. Once again, we get presented with evidence that those on the left are blessed with a different set of standards.



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