The Examples Mount That America Is Reclaiming the Narrative From the Media

The Examples Mount That America Is Reclaiming the Narrative From the Media
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In recent months, the left is losing its grip on messaging, and they are losing their minds in the process.

We are currently witnessing a shift in the power structure in our culture, one that is paradoxically seen in brash reactions but at the same time reveals a subtle trade-off. The masters of the national discourse are seeing their entrenched control on issues dissolving, and the reaction to this has been revelatory. This shift has been taking place for at least a year now, but things have accelerated over the past few months.

This is good news for the country.

There are a few bold examples of this change, but I will start with a smaller one that mostly went unrecognized. Late in March, one of the approval polls came out that showed President Biden losing favor in the country. This arrived about one month after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began, and it came after weeks of the press dutifully trying to set the blame for our economic conditions on Putin and his nefarious aggression in that country. At MSNBC, they looked at the results and saw a curiosity.

Though she did not grasp the full impact, what Yamiche Alcindor was noting is after a real effort made by the media complex on behalf of Joe Biden the recasting of blame onto Putin did not work. It was a small indicator of a larger problem the news sector is experiencing: Their control over issues is escaping.

A number of major stories have broken over the past few months exposing that the media complex is broken, and their stranglehold on messaging has been wrested away. The proof of this is seen in the wild reactions from the journalists and the news outlets. They have lost the handle on the narrative and are not handling this well. The resulting hysterics on display are deeply revealing. First, let us look at a very fresh item that is still developing.

On Tuesday morning, the Washington Post dropped its expose on the person who operates the account Libs of Tik Tok. The writer, Taylor Lorenz, was taking a victory lap but quickly resorted to playing defense. In stepping back from the furor that is still unraveling, we see the reality. Following WaPo’s publishing, the reaction from the public has been largely neutral-to-negative. 

Riffed from the Headlines
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Note that the bulk of the praise for the Lorenz piece comes not from jubilant readers but from those in the media supporting her tactics of going after an anonymous citizen. Lorenz is being defended for using cagey tactics to out someone who is not a public figure, not a prominent political operative. 

As a sign of the reaction to this being negative, the paper was compelled to release a statement yesterday afternoon in defense of its reporter and the piece. In that, the management lied, claiming it had never provided the personal details of the targeted individual when, in fact, they had provided a direct link to her personal information. This brazen and transparent prevarication is a sign that the Washington Post operates as if its word is solemn and unimpeachable. The outlet can insist on something, expecting that to hold up as sufficient for the discussion. Except, people no longer hold this standard. It was quickly shown WaPo had, in fact, done the very thing it insisted never transpired.

We can watch as many in the press will insist that a reporter targeting a citizen for wrong-think is acceptable. This is a standard that was established during the Trump administration. Recall, in 2017 there was a widely shared video clip of Trump at a previous wrestling event, where someone superimposed the CNN logo on a wrestler’s head and the clip had Trump striking the figure. CNN tracked down the creator of the gif and extracted an apology with the leverage they would expose the individual.

These journalists cheering the doxxing of a private citizen are the same who blanch at the temerity of anyone who says they are the “Enemy Of The People.” This is the press acting as its own police force — as if the rabble in this country are not at their level and need to be hemmed in with approved media guardrails. The fact that stories are now jumping those barricades has the press acting in an unhinged fashion.

Earlier this new year, the journalists were in lockstep opposition to the crafted legislation in Florida granting expanded rights to parents and more access to school curriculums. In unison, news outlets used the slanderous “Don’t Say Gay Bill” to describe this proposal, completely abdicating responsibility to report facts. When the effort was not herding public opinion in the correct fashion, the narrative was stepped up, with charges of intolerance and claims of this law threatening the safety of students. 

The bill passed through the Florida legislature despite this mob effort by the press, leading to a hysterical reaction to the lack of influence. That was ramped up even higher when the press was faced with something it rarely feels – pushback from the public. As their commentary became more impassioned that students aged five through eight years needed to be exposed to inappropriate content, people began using the tactics of the press, accusing them of wanting to groom students. The journalists became aghast at such a charge, and it was a precious moment. 

Riffed from the Headlines
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The people who spent weeks freely calling any supporter of the law “transphobic,” or “anti-gay Nazis,” were suddenly turning ashen that anyone would dare use a hurtful name towards them. Obliviously they condemned those wrongfully accusing them based on the wrongfully reclassified bill, done to condemn backers. Desperately, the multinational corporation Disney was enlisted as a final push to repeal this legislation. Instead, today, Disney is dismayed as it faces negative PR and has seen its stature in the public’s eye diminished.

In the end, polls have shown that there is ample support in the public for the law. In years past, the concerted push by the press would have turned public opinion, and this bill would have faced death by attrition. Today, the press changed the minds of very few, and quite possibly many came around to supporting the law as a result of protracted debate. People were more likely to have had curiosity over the conflict and explored the contents of the bill. A steady stream of pragmatic responses – that there is no language in the bill to support the claims – neutered the narrative.

Immediately following this upheaval, soon arrived the conflict between Elon Musk and Twitter, and with it came the remarkable message from the press – muted silence is golden. As Musk first threatened, then delivered on his promise to insinuate himself into the Twitter front offices, the press rose up in opposition. 

In my time covering the journalism sector, one of the constantly mystifying realities is how many in the field are heavily in favor of limiting free expression. The bedrock of their profession is the First Amendment, and yet a shocking amount of journalists are very comfortable with the concept of silencing voices. The Musk meltdown has been something to behold. 

Numerous figures in the publishing world rose up to say that Elon’s promise of opening up dialogue was dangerous and that moderating speech was an important tool that needs to be wielded. We actually had many saying that limiting free speech was important to preserving our democracy. Digest that concept: In order to properly preserve our Constitution, we need to infringe upon First Amendment rights.

This is the level of vacated logic we are seeing on the regular from the press corps. That so many are resorting to emotional outbursts which eclipse common sense is a sign. Gradually — grudgingly — the realization is creeping in with the media that they no longer hold sway over public opinion. And they are losing their composure. Look at the recent examples where the desires of the press complex were thwarted. 

Riffed from the Headlines
Townhall Media

For over a year, the January 6 nightmare was rehashed as the worst thing our nation endured, and polls show fewer people today consider it important and Republicans are less likely to be blamed. The press was cheerleading Joe Biden’s massive spending bill and attacked Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema over their positions, yet the bill had to be gutted. The constant gaslighting that Biden is performing wonderfully has led to perpetually eroding approval numbers.

We are seeing a re-emergence of public might. Look at how issues that are backed collectively by the administration, the media, and Hollywood are not moving the public mindset in ways previously experienced. Their influence is waning. Sit and watch as their emotional outbursts reveal this reality. It is a satisfying display. 

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