Joe Biden's Approval Numbers Hit a New Low, Show Horrifying Trend for Dems

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Just when you think he can’t go lower, he does. Oh, who am I kidding, we all thought Joe Biden could go lower in regards to approval rating, and the latest survey from Quinnipiac has his numbers rivaling a punch to the face.


To be clear, this isn’t just a record low for Biden in this specific poll, but as far as I can tell, it’s a record low overall, regarding any poll. For the moment, this is the deepest in the hole the current president has ever been. It’s also a five-point drop in just a week.

When you break down the numbers, things don’t get any better. In fact, the breakdown of his approval is probably more startling (for Democrats, at least) than the top-line number. For example, Hispanic Americans only give the president a 25 percent approval rating. Independents? 26 percent.


Those Hispanic numbers are just horrific for the administration. As RedState reported on Tuesday, new polling out of Nevada, a once-safe blue state, already looks bleak for Democrats. These latest approval numbers bolster the case that Hispanic voters are, in fact, shifting over to the GOP in numbers that could swing elections. Being sub-30 percent with independents, who are typically swing voters, is a real “for whom the bell tolls” moment as well.

Of course, Biden does manage to receive high marks from two groups of Americans: White, college-educated women, and African-Americans. We are firmly at the point where the president could start a nuclear war and streak naked during the State of the Union, and those two demographics would still give him high marks. There’s no sense behind it. Just blind partisanship.

Regardless, that’s not going to be enough to save Biden and his party. When you look at the issues in the poll, things are bleak. 68 percent of Americans think the U.S. should be doing more to help stop the killing in Ukraine. That’s a rebuke of the administration on an issue that was supposed to favor them. On sanctions, the respondents were evenly split on whether they’ll be effective or not.


This version of the Quinnipiac poll (they switch back and forth) did not measure domestic questions about the economy, which is probably a good thing for Biden. If they had, the numbers would have certainly been terrible, and the newest inflation numbers will only add to the discontent.

And there you have it. Biden’s presidency is a disaster, there’s no hope for it on the horizon, and Democrats will suffer greatly come November. Be sure to come back for the next installment of “how low can he go?”



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