Lie-Able Sources Podcast: Taylor Lorenz Is an Anti-Social Social Media Reporter

Your source to mainline mayhem from mainstream media.

Mass hysteria in the media complex today! The socially dysfunctional social-media reporter Taylor Lorenz came out with a piece exposing the person behind the popular Libs of Tik Tok account. The amazement is in the tone-deaf methods Lorenz resorted to in order to doxx the account holder. That she recently had a meltdown about people doing this very thing to her shows just how maladjusted this WaPo journalist must be.

Adding to this was a parade of journos this weekend boldly declaring Biden cannot do anything about…mostly anything. Of course, the “Not His Fault” storyline means whenever any of these problems become remedied Biden cannot claim credit. Then we have Brian Stelter acting just like you’d expect, as he trembles at Twitter turning into the gutter, as journalists are shown to be free to push out dangerous rhetoric.

Then to close out with some froth, Colin Kaepernick is very desirous to rejoin what he calls a “slave market,” and USA Today delivers a completely inconsequential fact check on…Brittany Spears?!

Pop open a can, and enjoy a round of media mockery!




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