Disney Heiress Takes a Baseball Bat to Her Own Argument While Decrying Florida's Parental Rights Law

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One of the left’s favorite tactics, specifically when dealing with culture war issues, is to assert that something isn’t happening while simultaneously arguing laws that would prevent it from happening are unjust.


That’s been a strategy deployed continually regarding Critical Race Theory, and more recently, in regards to Florida’s new Parental Rights in Education law, which stops the teaching of sexuality and “gender theory” to K-3rd grade children.

That leads to an obvious contradiction. If something isn’t happening, then logically, there can be no harm in a law that says it can’t. Liberals tie themselves in knots insisting there is no problem while at the same time asserting that if there is, it’s actually a good thing.

To be clear, though, this stuff is happening.

That brings me to Disney heiress Abigail Disney, who has been making the rounds decrying Florida’s new parental rights law and pressing the company she profits from to embrace an alienating, woke ideology. Sunday, she appeared on CNN with Brian Stelter and had this to say about the issue.


For clarity, nothing she is saying about the law is actually true. The law does not seek to stop people from being gay. The word “gay” is nowhere in the text nor does it single out any specific sexuality. Rather, the law simply exists to preserve the rights of parents to share with their small children what they deem appropriate. It is not a teacher’s job to talk to a six-year-old, behind the backs of parents, about things like sexuality and transgenderism.

In short, we’ve established that Abigail Disney is a dishonest hack with a strange desire to teach other people’s kids about being pansexual and other harmful absurdities.

Make of that what you will, but what I find more striking about her commentary is how it manages to take a baseball bat to her own argument. Let’s take what she’s saying at face value for a moment, putting all the falsehoods aside. According to her, children are going to become gay no matter what. Given that, why then does a kindergarten teacher need to discuss the topic with them?

The answer is that the teacher doesn’t, but Abigail Disney is falling into the same type of contradiction I discussed at the beginning of this piece. She wants to claim the law doesn’t actually do anything while at the same time insisting that the existence of the law is an existential threat. Her assertion boils down to “grooming doesn’t do anything, but also grooming is completely necessary,” which makes no sense. To claim a law is both extremely harmful and doesn’t actually do anything is to counter one’s own premise.


Of course, the law does actually do something. Abigail Disney, though she’s not willing to admit it, wants small children to be indoctrinated into far-left sexual ideology without the consent of parents. She’s angry this law prevents that, but she can’t just come out and say she’s for the grooming of kids. Doing so would confirm everything proponents of the law have said. Thus, she’s left twisting in the wind, saying things that counter one another.

That’s a pretty good sign she’s on the wrong side of this argument and that money doesn’t buy intelligence.


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