'Libs of TikTok' Account Responds Accordingly After Formerly Tearful WaPo 'Reporter' Doxxes Them

Washington Post “technology columnist/reporter” Taylor Lorenz made waves earlier this month when she appeared on MSNBC for an interview in which she proclaimed personal information about her had been shared online. Because of that, she tearfully claimed she had “severe PTSD” and had contemplated suicide due to the amount of online harassment she alleges she’s received as a result of doing her job – which, in a nutshell, involves the online harassment of social media users, some of who post anonymously out of fear of retribution from their opposition and/or their employers.


For those who missed that video clip, watch:

Lorenz, whose responsibilities seem to include trying to become buddy-buddy with the troubled teenage children of famous political figures, has become infamous for simultaneously portraying herself as a victim while at the same time victimizing others via witchhunt campaigns designed to name and shame people who post politically incorrect viewpoints. When Fox News host Tucker Carlson blistered Lorenz (who at the time worked for the NYT) in March 2021 over her trying to have it both ways, the Usual Suspects jumped into action by accusing him of “misogyny” and then trotted out dumb “words are violence” arguments to defend themselves.

Now here we are, two weeks after Lorenz’s MSNBC segment on online harassment went viral, and she’s out with her latest piece – where we learn that she doxxed the popular “Libs of Tik Tok” Twitter account, going so far as to track down family members of the person who runs the account:


What the Libs of Tik Tok account does, in a nutshell, is to simply find videos posted on the TikTok social media platform by bat-crap crazy far-left teachers and others in similar positions of influence in local communities and repost them to the LoTT Twitter account. They’ve been suppressed and suspended a number times by the Twitter Powers That Be and are now being targeted by so-called journalists as well.

For the apparent crime of simply amplifying the wacko rantings and ravings – and calls to action – of the radical left that were already out there, Taylor Lorenz, who has stated on a number of occasions that online harassment is the sharing of personal information online is never okay, sought to punish them – with the blessing of the higher-ups at the Washington Post (language warning):

As I write this, Lorenz is trying to defend herself on Twitter by disingenuously suggesting the information on LoTT was already publicly available, but for some reason she has yet to explain why she felt it was also necessary to track down family members of the person behind the LoTT account as well. Perhaps the family members are teenagers, since that vulnerable age group seems to be essential for Lorenz to get close to in order to obtain information regarding the “stories” she seeks. She has also yet to explain how revealing the person’s real name behind the account is in the vital interests of the public good (which is supposed to be the basis for such stories), perhaps because she can’t.


LoTT assured readers and viewers that they were in a safe location following the publishing of the report on their account, and has vowed to come back stronger than ever, which is good to hear. What’s not good to know is that Lorenz, who two weeks ago practically begged people to be sympathetic to her alleged online harassment plight, still obviously thinks it’s ok to hold herself to a different standard than the one to which she holds others.

But as my colleague Bonchie once previously (and correctly) pointed out, journalists – especially those in Lorenz’s line of work – don’t get to have it both ways. “Journalists desperately want to live under different rules than they apply to normal Americans,” he wrote. “It is up to the rest of us to make sure they don’t get to have that double standard.”

And as Politibunny at our sister site Twitchy observed about the content LoTT shares, “If you don’t like @libsoftiktok posting your insanely awful videos then maybe stop recording and sharing insanely awful videos. She isn’t making you look stupid, you’re doing that all on your own.”

The woman has a point.

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