Suddenly, Opposing the CDC and Ignoring Science Is Not a Crisis When It Is the Biden Administration

Suddenly, Opposing the CDC and Ignoring Science Is Not a Crisis When It Is the Biden Administration
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Funny how lives are not as endangered once the party in power shifts to the Democrats.

It was a common theme heard throughout 2020 — Donald Trump would dispute recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control, and in the course of ‘’ignoring science’’ put lives at risk. As far back as last February, Trump was said to have discounted advice from the CDC regarding flying American citizens back from Asia. Frequently we were told how the administration would discard recommendations from the agency on matters such as initial quarantine orders, reopening the economy, how he would listen to administration officials first, and refused to follow guidance on opening schools and churches

According to Bloomberg News, ‘’Ordinarily, presidents listen to experts because it serves their own political interests. That’s not happening this time.’’ These issues, of course, caused consternation and accusations he was ignoring science, elevating things to scandal levels, we were told. It then becomes rather telling how changing the curtains in the Oval Office makes these exact same actions far less serious and grave for the nation.

For two consecutive days this week, we have seen bright and shiny new White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki at the podium during her daily press briefings contradicting the CDC, directly. While her words were reported, what is notable is the distinct lack of wailing to be heard from the press corps. 

On Wednesday, we saw a report from the CDC declaring that it is perfectly safe to open schools, a much-needed dose of good news for parents and students across the country. 

“There is increasing data to suggest that schools can safely reopen and that safe reopening does not suggest that teachers need to be vaccinated,” CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky told reporters during a White House news briefing on Covid-19. “Vaccinations of teachers is not a prerequisite for safely reopening schools,” she added.

This is news that is not just welcomed, but needed. As more evidence comes out about the drastic effects closures and lockdowns are having on our kids the reopening of schools becomes more desperately required. 

The administration however does not see it this way. Later in the day during the press briefing, Psaki downplayed this call to reopen, saying the comments were only a recommendation and did not constitute official guidance. “They have not released their official guidance from the CDC yet on the vaccination of teachers and what would be needed to ensure the safe reopening of schools,” Psaki said. 

Despite the fact that we had the official release from the CDC, complete with direct quotes from the Director herself, Psaki felt perfectly at ease speaking on behalf of Dr. Rochelle. The next day, we had another case of a contradiction with the health agency. When asked further about the prospect of opening back up, we got a hint of what the Biden administration places as the priority — unions.

Psaki returned to her use of placing words in the mouth of the CDC Director. “Dr. Walensky spoke to this in her personal capacity. Obviously, she’s the head of the CDC. But we’re going to wait for the final guidance to come out so we can use that as a guide for schools around the country,” Psaki said. The reason is Biden is showing his usual fealty to the unions.

We have seen repeatedly across many districts teacher unions displaying an unwillingness to go back to school. This means we have an administration that is defying its own CDC guidelines, defiantly not listening to medical professionals, and ignoring the scientific data. They do this in the name of political whims, the very type of conditions that had the press bellowing for most of last year.

Suddenly, ignoring science is no longer an accusation, and putting people at risk is no longer the knee-jerk response to decisions bucking the recommendations of doctors. We also do not hear claims of an administration in upheaval and the corrupting influence of political decisions affecting the health agency. It is a miracle how events can change in the course of a few weeks — or, more specifically, the interpretation of these same events can change instantaneously.

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