What Cure Exists for the Trump Addiction Manifested on the Left and in the Media?

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As they claim to be joyous that their hated target is finally gone why are they still so miserable?

If you were to believe the rhapsodic words delivered by the press members and politicians from the left this week concerning the arrival of Joe Biden’s rise into the White House, we just entered a platinum era of harmonic understanding and unfettered joy. But this is the corrupt press corps we are talking about, and the ever-petulant Democrats — there is no reason to believe them. Just look at one simple truth.

Despite their insistence, these people have been displaying little more than an acidic character in this time of supposed joy. They display many of the traits of an addict, becoming rash, defensive, and lashing out, and all for a very obvious reason; their daily fix of contempt has been taken from them.

A couple of telling details have been revealed this week, and they show how the coming months will be less about the glorious nature of a new administration than in how these people deal with their need to gnash teeth while raging about the former President. They display the behavior of the addict moved into a new rehab facility, but rather than looking inward to see how to fix themselves they are sizing up the fixtures to see what they can sell for cash and a quick fix.

The first has been in the behavior from both of these entities. They have been railing about Trump’s lies and the dawning of The Age Of Truth, yet there was CNN belching out a 100% fraudulent story of Biden inheriting absolutely no vaccine distribution plans. Roll in next Joe Biden holding an EO signing ceremony and ending up cutting it short after lashing out at a reporter who dared ask a policy question. This is not the behavior of those energized by victory; they look more anxious over no longer having cover and needing to prove their work.

The other detail is the complete inability by so many to be rid of the man said to be intolerable. It is with a severe lack of self-awareness — but no lack of amusement — that so many in the media cannot let Donald Trump simply go off on his own. The effect is like that obsessed lover who ceaselessly comments how they left. ‘’I am so DONE and want nothing more to do with him…LET ME TELL YOU WHY!’’

It was one thing to see those delivering parting shots of contempt at Trump; we all knew Jake Tapper and the likes of Brian Williams could not refrain from caustic comments as a coda to Trump’s departure. But as the post-inaugural days rolled forward there was a notable lack of an ability to move on. Despite all these promises of gleeful anticipation of what is ahead, there were so many who were still looking back and pointing a finger. The Democrats continuing to impeach an already departed President is just one example.

At National Review Kevin Williamson penned a lengthy screed that was nothing but a bilious catharsis that reads less like a pundit’s wisdom than it did a psych patient’s ramblings from the therapist couch. There was some speculation about whether Glenn Kessler, the fact-checking guru at The Washington Post, might begin his tasks on Wednesday, working to correct the new administration on the vaccine distribution lie. Instead, Kessler was busy tweeting over a dozen times…about Donald Trump. 

Jim Acosta, who subsisted on a diet of claims he was silenced by Trump (something he repeated in nightly reports, regular article entries, CNN panel appearances, late-night talk show visits, his own book, and so on…) badgered Trump to the bitter end. He hurled accusatory questions as Trump boarded his flight to Florida and groused how he refused to address the media on board his plane.

The Hill has even taken the stance of the stalking ex-lover, updating the country on Trump’s latest golf outing his first day out of office.

Even as they acknowledge the inability to quit their intake the press continues to reach out to their supplier. In his Reliable Sources newsletter, Brian Stelter referenced the media landscape might be changing in the new administration, asking even if they are experiencing an addiction, withdrawals, or other issues. Then he immediately followed up with the next segment – ‘’5 Trump stories the media shouldn’t forget about’’. 

These are people in severe need of help. The first step, as many state, is admitting it. At Least one – Ben White, from Politico, has that in mind.

Good luck in slaying that dragon, folks.

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