This Collection of Media Reactions to the Inaugural Shows Joe Biden Has the Easiest Term In Front of Him

This Collection of Media Reactions to the Inaugural Shows Joe Biden Has the Easiest Term In Front of Him
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It has not even been one day, Journos; try showing a modicum of self-respect.

While we knew it was probable, the media reaction to the Joe Biden inaugural has been a parade of cloying adulation, with a smattering of concentrated levels of derangement. What has been revealing in all of this is how this change in power has seen numerous players in the media landscape completely abandon any pretense of objectivity.

If there is any surprise to be found it is not in the fawning praise but in the hubris of doing so in this collective fashion. So gird yourself now and you will be served a heaping serving of saccharine coverage, with occasional doses of acidic snark, on the side.

Anderson Cooper – ‘’It’s a new beginning. To not have President Trump, the name Trump in our heads 24 hours a day is going to be a big adjustment, and something I think a lot of people in this country welcome…”

Brian Wiliams – ”And 30 minutes ago power has slipped from the grasp of a twice-impeached private citizen in Florida.

Jake Tapper – A fitting end to the Trump presidency. A speech full of puffery and lies, although, of course, with this president, it always could have been worse.”

Jill Filipovic – Finally I can unclench my jaw and exhale.’’

Chuck Todd – “He imploded in his inability to accept the loss. So he slinked away. I would argue that might be the biggest favor he’s done for the country and for Joe Biden today.”

Dieter Bohn (The Verge) – “I feel weird. Is this relief? Is that a feeling that people used to have?”

Alisyn Camerota – “It does feel like today, somehow, reality won. And we didn’t know that reality was going to win. I mean, it was in a mortal combat death struggle for a long time. But today, reality won.”

Bianna Golodryga (on the uniform facemask wearing) – ‘’It’s a “symbolic message for the country and the world: America has embraced reality and science.”

 Lydia Polgreen: “No, I’m not crying at how normal this all is, you are crying.”

Ron Brownstein – ‘’More surprising how strongly he called out the threat to democracy Trump unleashed. Suggests drawing a new dividing line: those who do & don’t believe in the American system with Trump on the other side.”

Max Boot – ‘’Good riddance.’’ 

Abby Phillip – “It was an invitation, not just to reach across the aisle, but to get back on track. It was an invitation to decency, to civility.’’

Dana Bash (as Trump departed the White House) – “He looks small. He just looks like a small man.”

This is all basically summed up in this fashion: The media who promised us 4 years of oppression are relieved the never-arriving oppression is over; the same press who sold us on death and misery for the past year now declare it is over in a wisp of ether, and the journalists who called Trump a Nazi rapist terrorist are upset he did not attend a ceremony. 

The question now becomes — what will these scolds do? You get a sense of their impending struggle based on the latest dispatch from CNN’s Jim Acosta. In his last-gasp attempt to place a coda on his career as White House correspondent, Acosta attempted to badger Trump on his trip to his Florida home. 

He shouts an accusatory question at the President as he boards Air Force One, is rebuffed from a conversation aboard the plane and is ignored one additional time after they landed in Florida. The next years are going to prove a challenge for the press, who operated with reflexive energy at anything Trump said, did, or proposed.

Marveling at everything Joe Biden does will become boring in rapid fashion.

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