Christian Singer Lauren Daigle Removed from New Year's Eve Broadcast by New Orleans Mayor Over Asinine, Vindictive Reasons

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The militant politicians continue to impose their unelected will on the populace.

Christian crossover performer Lauren Daigle has reportedly seen her prospective appearance on the annual “Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve” broadcast canceled. In a unique twist however, Daigle has not lost the gig over offensive comments or affiliation with controversial organizations. She has been removed over the fact that she gave a prior performance.


LaToya Cantrell is the Mayor of New Orleans, the site of the upcoming event hosted by Ryan Seacrest. Cantrell sent a letter to Dick Clark Productions requesting that Daigle be removed from that night’s lineup of performers, as a result of her performing at an impromptu concert on November 7. It was on that date that another Christian musical artist, Sean Feucht, had staged a protest concert in the French Quarter in opposition to the local government’s lockdown orders. Cantrell has apparently taken great offense to this event and has launched into revenge mode.

Though both the producers and representatives from Daigle have stated there was no formal contract yet in place, it is clear that the singer was tapped to perform on New Years Eve for the Central Time Zone broadcast that night. Her imminent appearance was known enough that Cantrell wrote a letter to Dick Clark Productions, literally calling for the singer to be cancelled. She wrote:

I cannot in good conscience support the involvement of singer Lauren Daigle, who just last month participated in an unpermitted live performance which placed my residents in danger and threatened the tremendous progress New Orleans has made in combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ms. Daigle cannot and should not be rewarded with national media and a public spotlight. She harmed our people, she risked the lives of our residents, and she strained our first responders in a way that is unconscionable — in the midst of a public health crisis. That is not who we are, and she cannot be allowed to represent New Orleans or the people she willfully endangered.


This is the nadir of political petulance. Daigle was not formally part of that November concert but had been in the area the day it was staged. As a friend of Feucht, when she was spotted by organizers, they asked her to participate and she complied. This has clearly been taken as a huge slap in the face to the local politician, who is now seemingly bent on retribution. 

Mayor Cantrell’s leverage has not gone ignored. Louisiana’s Attorney General, Jeff Landry, has come out not only in defense of Daigle, but has challenged Cantrell directly.

In his letter Landry disputes some of the rationale accused by Cantrell, specifically involving the claimed impact that November concert caused. He called the moves by Cantrell to break up the concert ”lamentable,’’ declaring there had been no outbreaks tied to the concert. The AG also noted prior events which received no pushback from Cantrell, including a protest that had been held at the same location, as well as a swingers’ gathering that was permitted to take place by the local government. That gathering actually led to COVID cases spreading.


Also commenting was Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser. In his own letter he said Ms. Daigle’s removal from the Dec. 31 show would cost New Orleans an “invaluable, worldwide promotion at a time when it’s needed most.”

That a performer would come under this kind of fire over COVID lockdown opposition underscores how much these politicians want to wield and retain this newfound power over the citizenry. To see Mayor Cantrell becoming this vindictive, declaring who “cannot and should not” benefit, as per her dictates, displays this lust of power.

Daigle released her own comments on the controversy, stating that while never receiving the formal offer to perform she was still willing to appear if the matter was cleared up. She also decried the contentious atmosphere in her region. “I’m disappointed that my spontaneous participation has become part of the political discourse and I’m saddened by the divisive agendas of these times. I would have been, and still would be, honored to represent our city on New Year’s Eve.”

This feels like the indicator of what the coming years will deliver; politicians who enforce power they have not been granted, in personal retributions over their perceived offenses. It will require continued pushback from the citizens.



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