There Were Riots Once Again in Portland Last Night, But Suddenly the Government Takes Action to Stop It



For months this has been allowed, but an impending Joe Biden victory suddenly changes the reaction.

Portland has made itself into a punchline for some time now. An already hyper leftist outpost, the city became a municipality of self-satire by not only allowing Antifa to establish itself therein but as riots broke out the local officials stood back and turned over the city to the activists. They have only applied more clown makeup this week — the impotent Mayor, Ted Wheeler has just been reelected.


Now with the election having taken place a new batch of social unrest has flared up in the city…for some reason. 

Only this time, as the rioters and looters went about their usually permitted frenzy they were met with a curious rebuke — after half a year of being given the greenlight to act up, suddenly the thugs were met with the arrival of the National Guard.

Now this is a curious dose of heart-changing action being taken. Recall that after two months of this level of violence being taken President Trump sent in federal agents to protect federal buildings in the area, and this was what had led to politicians becoming outraged. The businesses ruined and lives affected were not a concern, but a disciplinary action by the government was said to be unacceptable. 


Very telling that the imminent victory by Joe Biden has altered the reaction to these riots.  This year the local police had been mostly kept on a leash, Mayor Wheeler said the federal agents were not welcome, and Governor Kate Brown never once called in the National Guard. Now, just days away from a possible change in the White House, and the approach shifts by 180 degrees.

This is a clear indicator that the social unrest we have seen all year has been pure political theater. The Democrats and the media were completely in concert in trying to blame all of the social unrest on President Trump. Despite all the cities where the rioting was seen were Democrat enclaves, Trump was the assumed blame for the violence that was allowed to go unchecked. 

Now when a new batch of riots takes place in the same locale where they were seen for 6 months swift action is taken. This is all the indicator you need that these incursions — staged, or otherwise — were politically expedient. A change in party leadership means they will now be quelled, so there will be the appearance that Biden’s mere arrival was all that was needed to bring an end to the violence. 

This may not be as easy as these opportunists in the government think. The Antifa crowd is not exactly beholden to a party. They are not known for choosing sides in their desire for anarchy, after all. It will be worth watching to see just how compliant this group will become, after being allowed to run rampant for so long.






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