Andrew Cuomo Leverages His Reopen Plan for NYC - He is Involving More police as They Are Walking Away

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It almost appears the governor has not been paying attention to the news.

The Democrat party is clearly in a state of unfocused disarray. While the past week we watched them do a whiplash-style 180 on the violence seen in the protests, that attempt at having things both ways seems on brand. They have supported black lives save for those taken by protestors, at their convention they claimed they wanted to bring jobs back while Democrat governors arrest people who try to go back to work, no after supporting unrest they have decided that calling for peace is the way to go. 


Following this pendulous swing in core values is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. As many areas in the country are hopeful/eager/desperate to see our country open back up to normal life, New York City residents are just as ready. Only thing is the politicians need to be of the same mind. Andrew Cuomo has come forward with his plan on expanding the policy — he just needs an army of police to do so.  

Currently New York eateries are permitted only very limited seating capacity, and only with outdoor dining. He passed an executive order declaring alcohol sales are only permitted to seated diners, and food must be ordered. Cuomo and Mayor Bill DeBlasio have been named in a $2 billion lawsuit brought by hundreds of restaurateurs as compensation for lost revenues due to the state and municipal mandates. Meanwhile the New York City Council has come out with a statement declaring they want to see restaurants reopened.

The governor has now come forward to declare that he is not going to open eateries up to indoor seating unless he can enforce the strict social distancing mandates. His call is to have 4,000 police officers made available for this assignment of chaperoning diners throughout the city. This is where another bout of political schizophrenia comes into play. Cuomo is looking to expand the purview of the police department at the exact time that his party – and specifically his own Mayor – are calling to have the police force defunded and pared down.


Cuomo is either oblivious to how he is directly opposing the main push taking place within the Democrat party, or — just as likely — this is his way of instilling a policy that will prevent the opening of restaurants. This would be another dose of financial stress heaped on the business owners, as the approach of winter will all but negate the prospect of outdoor dining. There is another reason to doubt that Cuomo is making this proposal in good faith.

In the past few months New York City has seen the crime spike significantly across all categories as a result of a lessened police presence. Mayor DeBlasio has curtailed police activity, taken away overtime pay, and has become so hostile to the police that the city is witnessing such a surge on officers retiring they cannot  process the requests. So at a time when the departments are experiencing cutbacks and a drop in the manpower the governor is calling to have thousands allocated to his safe dining initiative.

The irony in this becomes all the more richer, as we have seen evidence this stringent social mandate is not needed — and it was delivered by Governor Cuomo himself.


That sure appears to be the flattened curve we had been lectured about months ago that would be required before we could reopen our society. Thanks for that data Andy, now go open up your cities and keep to yourself.


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