RedState Podcast Magic - Kira Davis and Brad Slager Kick Off Gerard Butler Month!

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This being August it means it is time to celebrate Scotland’s gift to the entertainment world.

Its origins are as nebulous and unfathomable as the Riddle of the Sphinx…or the series finale of ‘’The Sopranos’’. But every August a number of elevated minds on the internet and social media band together to honor the accomplishments of one beloved thespian, Gerard Butler. Whether it is learned cineastes – such as Kira Davis – or affected media writers with corrupted taste in films — like Brad Slager — everyone gathers to celebrate the filmography of the man who has done so much on film.


Whether he is saving Sparta, saving the President numerous times, or saving the entire planet from climate change catastrophe G-Base (as Gerry Butler is known to Brad) delivers the entertainment goods. For this reason we feature Gerry in his numerous roles and films throughout August, and Kira sat in on Disasters In The Making to dispense with our expertise on the star.

The movie we featured was basically his introduction to US fans in the form of a pulpy Weinstein Brothers entry, ‘’Dracula 2000’’. While it has Wes Craven’s name attached it has very little of his own involvement, and it shows. His longtime editor Patrick Lussier is directing, and he does his best to emulate the style of his boss. The script is a bit of a mess, with numerous rewrites evident and good portions of the story obscured by needless teenaged stylings.

With Christopher Plummer serving as the only other star, the rest of the cast is filled out with television personalities, with Jennifer Esposito, Omar Epps, Jeri Ryan, and many others. The female lead is so vacant and anonymous that giving you her name would not help in making her more relevant. As for Gerard he is tasked more with being a presence than being a character. There is LOTS of staring, looming, and glowering taking place here.


That does not mean there is not immense fun to be had. We get served a plot where Plummer is a descendant of Van Helsing and kept alive for a century courtesy of leeches, a complex heist where the burglars are unaware of what they are stealing, and the rarity of virginal ladies in the millennium meaning that this is a vampire tale with Virgin Records Superstores featured throughout.

Make up a jumbo tub of popcorn and sit back to relax as we guide you through the entanglements and complexities needed to justify the bringing of Dracula into contemporary times. This was a mess, but it helped launch Gerard Butler into the national cultural consciousness. For that reason alone this needs to be celebrated.


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