Suds for Support - Breweries Worldwide are Collaborating to Make the Same Beer to Help the Service Industry

Global brewers are sharing the same recipe in order to raise funds for suffering hospitality workers.

It has become one of the bright spots in this dark viral time that a number of leaders in various industries are reaching out and making efforts to support the workers who are most adversely affected by the mandatory vocational lockouts. Everything from pooling funds to crowdsourcing efforts are underway to bring whatever relief can be provided to those suffering under these conditions.


Clearly one field directly impacted by social closures is the food service industry. With restaurant closures and customers essentially locked off from food emporiums the servers are directly impacted by this pandemic response. One effort being made on a global scale has been to gather brewers from across the planet to produce and distribute a singular beer — All Together IPA. This brew is being made for the expressed effort of raising funds for both the brewers and those who have been serving their product.

This effort was spearheaded by Other Half Brewing Company and the intent is to provide a simple, low-cost beer recipe for all brewers to use, and the proceeds of that particular batch can be to aid the breweries themselves as well as some of the proceeds going towards the support group for the workers.

We ask that a portion of the proceeds go to supporting hospitality professionals in your community. The rest should go to keeping you in business to weather this storm. For us, proceeds will go to the Restaurant Workers Community Foundation. As much as this is about raising money, this is also an exercise in awareness so that local communities can understand how daily life has been upended for those that rely on social gathering to make a living.

This is a truly open source zymurgy effort. Other Half has provided the recipe at no cost for brewers to use, and they have provided the canning and bottling artwork, as well as promotional graphics. Breweries are asked to use the primary graphics template for the packaging, with a number of fields on the label available for their own logo and other information to be added as they choose. There is even a labeling company available that will produce at cost for those participating.


This means that the same beer will be available in numerous areas for you to support the cause. To date, over 650 breweries are participating, in 43 countries. In the U.S. 41 states have breweries producing All Together. To find out where you can get some of this brew in your area go to and scroll down to the interactive map, where you can click on your state and find out if the beer is sold near your location.

Let’s face it, with so many resorting to drinking from home in lieu of being able to go out and socializing at the local taverns, here is a way to lend a little bit of support for those you are no longer able to support via your gratuity.


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