Proof of News Nets Driving the Election? CNN Declares Warren the Frontrunner -- Despite Its Own Poll Saying Otherwise

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., greet each other before the first of two Democratic presidential primary debates hosted by CNN Tuesday, July 30, 2019, in the Fox Theatre in Detroit. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

It’s like The Apple Network is not even trying to hide its hackery any longer.

We all recall the way Bernie Sanders was treated during the 2016 election by the media and the DNC. With the help of a compliant press corps (recall Hillary Clinton being fed questions ahead of a CNN appearance, and the email scandal revealing journalists propper her up) Bernie was continuously blocked and held back to pave the way for Hillary’s coronation.


Things appear no different in the press these days, as both we see the press choosing its candidate, and once again it is Bernie being shoved aside for a more desirous selection. This go-round it is shaping up that Elizabeth Warren is the preferred choice, and the media Queen-makers are barely able to hide their excitement. I am not even sure they are trying.

Overnight CNN did a report about the impending New Hampshire primary, detailing how the field of candidates is stacking up in the polls. They showed Warren with a narrow lead over Sanders.

The problem: Note the header on the results on the right-hand side. In truth that CNN/University of New Hampshire poll shows that Sanders is in fact the one in the lead in that state, by three percentage points ahead of Warren. Again, that poll is conducted by — CNN. This was hardly an isolated incident or something to be chalked up to a chyron error from the graphics department. They are actively reporting on Warren as being the frontrunner.


This, despite the fact that the poll, with graphs and pretty colors, shows that Sanders is the one ahead.

Now it could be argued, by some, that the margin error being in the 4% range means there is fluidity in the result. As news breaks and other events transpire an anomaly could take place and a shifting of the order is commonplace. Except, No. That argument is refuted — by the very same poll.

Support for Sanders, Warren, and Buttigieg has been unchanged since July, while support for Biden has declined by nine percentage points.”

So for months now Bernie has been ahead in New Hampshire, and he is currently showing a lead. Then how does CNN even approach the concept that it is Warren at the top, with a mixed field behind her battling for recognition. Of not too, they failed to recognize how Tulsi Gabbard has risen by a few percentage points while Kamala Harris is fading from view.

To add to the gaslighting, Chris Cillizza and Harry Enten are running a Power Rankings tally of the candidates for CNN. They have Warren at the top of their arbitrary list, as expected, and Sanders is listed in FOURTH, behind Pete Buttigieg. This despite – again – Sanders leading frequently, as well as holding something around a ten-point lead over the Mayor from Indiana.


Meanwhile, another CNN reporter, Ryan Nobles, is following the campaign and he acknowledges the correct order in their polls. We might assume that because he is out in the field he has yet to receive the corporate marching orders to show support for the “proper” candidate.

So far it is looking like 2016 all over again. One candidate is being selectively culled from the herd, all while the press will continually screw up the polling data. After all, these same poll adherents showed Hillary Clinton with a better than 95% chance of winning the white house.


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