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The King is usurped by “Et Duo Brutal”

After a dominating reign of 2 weeks the ruler of the box office has been felled by a pair of rampaging steroidal action stars. In what might be considered the final big push in theaters for the summer, we may not see another assured film topping $50 million until the sequel to “It” arrives in September.

Overall the summer has seen a lower return than 2018. With the exception of Disney dominance the summer saw mostly challenges for studios, relying as they did on the familiar and flooding the market with their sequels. Audiences were split, with some major hits and just as many stalled-out releases. There is just as much interest it seemed to seek out quality original content on streaming services.


HOBBS & SHAW – $60.8 Million
The first spinoff from the “The Fast & The Furious” has Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham in a low-octane, high-testosterone action set piece that defies physics as well as conventional plot requirements. In other words, it is a typical F&F entrant, with a “Tango & Cash” component with the two leads. The number comes in right around expectations, with a healthy open overseas as well. Between the production costs and marketing this is sitting on a studio cost of over $300 million, which means it needs to draw at least $650 million globally to start seeing a profit. The exit scores were at least respectable, an “A -” grade, which should lead to a decent run.


2. THE LION KING – $38.24m
Continuing its summertime dominance, the animal retelling of “Hamlet” is now the second-highest earner for the year, behind only “Avengers: Endgame”. This weekend has the Disney remake streaking past $430 million in just 3 weeks. Already to this point the title has taken in over $1.2 billion globally, and in very short order it will launch into the top ten all-time for worldwide earnings.

Quentin Tarantino’s biggest open is continuing to run well, keeping pace just ahead of his hit “Inglourious Basterds”. It takes a drop of -53%, which is rather strong, and better so once you consider the heft of the competition it is facing.

This has been an unqualified hit in the Spidey history of movies. It is the highest earner globally and is the only title to earn over $1 billion. It is approaching second-best domestic release, and even when adjusted for inflation it stands as the 4th most popular. Sony has clearly benefited from partnering with Marvel on this property.

5. TOY STORY 4 – $7.15m
Continuing its strong run the playthings have now made over $400 million. It looks assured to be the highest earner in the franchise, and there is a shot it can cross the $1 billion mark worldwide.

6. YESTERDAY – $2.44m
After 6 strong weeks it is only now beginning to drop theaters. On the verge of making it past the $70 million mark in its successful run.

7. THE FAREWELL – $2.43m
The overly successful limited run has seen an expansion into an additional 274 screens. A true arthouse hit.

8. CRAWL – $2.15m
Lingering as a modest low-budget thriller counter-programming option it just might stick around enough to see it get into profitability.

9. ALADDIN – $2.01m
After eleven weeks it has now become Disney’s fifth movie to earn $350 million in 2019, and fifth to make over $1 billion internationally.

A severe dropoff at the end means this horror option manages to still be included.

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