Failing Democrat Follies Continue - Did Amy Klobuchar Just Dismember Smokey Bear?!?!

From Twitter account @amyklobuchar
From Twitter account @amyklobuchar

The Not-Ready-For-Primetime candidates continue to deliver the comedy.

The ever-growing field of Democrats (yes, still: Tom Steyer now wants to join the hoedown) means that interest for individuals is diluted, polling percentages are at a premium and the desire for notice borders on desperation. Candidates are eager to do almost anything to get some form of traction with voters.


This means that many are willing to do/say/project anything to distinguish themselves, and more often it delivers comedy. Look at Liz Warren trying to seem natural while drinking a beer. There is Kirsten Gillibrand at a gay pride party sipping a shot of liquor. And Duke Nuke’em himself, Eric Swalwell, is a perpetual gaffe machine as he panders to any group in his crosshairs.

That staffers for these hopefuls do not always take an editorial eye to some of the social media output may be a sign of their yearning for any instant exposure. Instead of pausing to ask about optics and impressions of their offerings it is a rush to put anything and everything up on accounts. The need to stay relevant supersedes decorum. Take Amy Klobuchar as the latest example.

The Minnesotan has desperately needed to be noticed in the crowded herd, and so her recent Twitter post shows this rashness on full display. She met up with an individual at a recent parade event and thought she had captured a prime candid moment to reveal her true side. Instead, this was the result.

The most apathetic viewer would have to regard this as appearing as though she is standing over the felled remains of Smokey Bear. She appears less a community member than a hunter posing over her trophy kill. We get that she wanted to show support for a citizen volunteer, but maybe the dismembered ursine image was not the way to go?!


Now factor in that Amy is still battling the stories of her venomous treatment of her staffers, and then this hoped-for sweet moment becomes transformed into something else entirely.

Then you also take into consideration that her hastily-fastened blouse was blatantly askew and the decapitated Kodiak becomes an altogether different image.

For these very reasons, I have been mentioning to those who are bemoaning the length of the campaign and breadth of the field as being a tortuous affair that they need to consider the other possibilities. These desperate souls are going to be a good source of comedy for the months to come.


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