Hollywood Studios Threatening Georgia Over Heartbeat Law Have No Problem With Other Countries Where It's Illegal


A stampede of studios are virtue signaling on abortion, but are unbothered working in countries where it is banned.

The Georgia heartbeat abortion law has had Hollywood in a state of panic for a couple of months know…if we are to believe their dramatics over the issue. And you should not believe them. As I covered recently, their words initially sound stern on the issue, but in reality once faced with the fact that the bill was signed into law they are rewriting their script.


Now we hear of them saying they will wait to see how the courts support the law (something that could take years), all while they will continue working in the accursed Peach State. On Tuesday Netflix came forward with the announcement that it is reconsidering working in Georgia — in the future. Said Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos:

Given the legislation has not yet been implemented, we’ll continue to film there — while also supporting partners and artists who choose not to. Should it ever come into effect, we’d rethink our entire investment in Georgia.

After the Netflix announcement the floodgates seemed to have opened, and numerous studios are now echoing their concerns. Disney, NBC/Universal, Warner Brothers, and just Today CBS joined in with their hedged statements. All were a variation of the same theme; “We may start to consider changes in the future once we learn if the courts hold this law up.”

What is remarkable however is the sheer amount of obliviousness every single one of these studios has on the issue prior to the Georgia law. Curious that Netflix has no issue with programs it is filming in Egypt, which bans abortion, as well as Jordan, where only the most limited amount of the procedures are permitted.. Somehow Disney was able to overlook that abortion is illegal in Saudi Arabia, where it is working to install a massive theme park. For that matter, almost every studio is straining to have its films released in Saudi Arabia, where the ban on movie theaters has been recently lifted, after nearly 40 years.


In the same manner, all studios have been salivating to get into the Chinese marketplace in any number of ways. That country’s theater market will someday very soon pass North America for higher box office grosses. Not only does Hollywood want its movies released on the mainland, but they are also working with Chinese studios to produce films strictly for the Chinese marketplace. They seem perfectly at ease working directly with a communist regime that has a record of human rights abuses that far exceed their biggest nightmare envisioned to take place in Georgia.

Any lip service these studios give to supposedly caring about the plight of females is dismissed with the application of cold reality: this is Hollywood we are talking about. That industry is still digging out of the sexual crater left by the Harvey Weinstein aftermath. Hell, most of those production sources posturing over Georgia have been dealing with its own issues on the matter. Warner Brothers recently had its CEO forced to resign over a casting-couch scandal. CBS not only saw longtime helmsman Les Moonves forced out over numerous sexual harassment charges, it paid out millions in a settlement to actress Eliza Dushku over a sexual harassment claim.

NBC is equally laughable on the matter. This is the network that tried to kill the Harvey Weinstein story when it was first breaking. This is the network that shielded Matt Lauer for how many years as he was rampaging like a predator with female staff members? Hell, this is the network that tries to frame President Trump as a rapacious sexual offender, while it raised him to prominence with his own primetime programs.


For this growing list of studios to pretend as if they care about abortion rights and women’s issues, their words fall on deaf ears. Georgia is hardly the place they want to stake their reputations, considering all of the far worse shooting locations and business markets they have tolerated for years already.


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