Marble Halls & Silver Screens Podcast ep. 48 -- The Words Are Mean Things Edition


Covering the connection of DC politics and Hollywood entertainment as they contribute to our culture.

It was a week where free speech may not have been under attack, but things spoken led to to a free for all. Shutting down individuals seems the new parlor game for the Left, and if you point it out you should just shut up!! Meanwhile the media continued to play word games in order to keep alive their favorite story from the past couple of years.


Politicians continue to be political, celebrities continued to…well also try being political. As a tepid distraction the Hollywood awards season kicks off, and at least a couple of celebrities managed to do something noble and uplifting for the holiday. I know, we are just as surprised!


THIS WEEK’S THEME: “Mr. Grinch” — Small Town Titans


  • Amazingly, there was plenty of news regarding Mueller and the Russian collusion investigation. Less amazing, there was nothing at all tangible to come of it.
  • The Golden Globes announced its nominations. Brad explains why you should shrug.
    The #MeToo movement has been pushing hard to get more women into corporate boardrooms — the result has been companies becoming leery to hire women.
  • The outrage mobs (yes, we used that word, and we don’t care!) heard that Kevin Hart would host the Oscars, so scanning his Twitter feed for bad remarks just HAD to take place!
  • Speaking of #MeToo, former comedian Hannah Gadsby spoke at an awards banquet. She was upset men speak about harassment, because they are scared to speak about it, but they need to speak about it, and they have to shut up and let the women speak. (She made even less sense than that.)
  • Speaking of those who speak too much, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said a bunch of things and really she does herself no favors anytime she does.
  • Lindsay Lohan, the performer who has had a hard time dealing with reality, has a new reality show.
  • Tyler Perry and and Kid Rock get into the holiday spirit. They did it separately, but it was pretty awesome all the same.


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