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Scaring up profits while another shows it has a shaky foundation.

It has been a strong summer frame for almost all titles, with the exception of select independents, and a noteworthy misfire from the biggest franchise ever. This week saw another miss, while an animated franchise shows it is still going strong.


While not an explosive weekend there is still plenty of health after the holiday as summer boils on and people seek refuge from the heat. Or, maybe they are just bored with the World Cup and seek a diversion. Families are still turning out and studios are feeling good. Let’s take a look into why they are so happy.


Sony took a calculated risk here, as the previous entries in this series were released in the weeks ahead of Halloween. It paid off, as this third effort landed right in line with the those previous openings. One difference however is they gave this one a wider release over the others, a sign of softened interest with a lower per screen average. The long term may still come in near the $150 million range of the previous franchise totals.

2. ANT-MAN AND THE WASP – $28.84m
Falling a steep -62% makes this the steepest second-week drop for a Marvel sequel, but it is not all that surprising, Most fall in the 55-60% range, and none were released in a crowded summer market. Regardless this is considered a successful run already, despite some ridiculous criticism about how the film was insensitive for having a person suffering chronic pain being given a cure. It has already drawn in $132 million, against the original earning $180 in its complete run.


3. SKYSCRAPER – $25.48m
Coming in as one of the true disappointing openings of the summer this action set piece starring Dwayne Johnson had expectations of opening between $35-40 million, so this means the prospects are — like the titular building — going up in flames. There is curiosity as to why this failed to catch on, with some talk that there is a bit of fatigue with The Rock. His “Jumanji” was seemingly in theaters all winter and then was quickly followed by “Rampage”. However exit polls showed near ¾ of the audience said they came out to see The Rock. More likely is the premise looked too close to a retread of “Die Hard”, a classic that simply should not be touched.

4. INCREDIBLES 2 – $16.22m
The behemoth of the season (depending on whether we count the early release of “Avengers: Infinity War” as summer, or not) it remains on 3,700 screens after five weeks. It sits as the most successful animated film – ever. This weekend’s earnings now pushed the total to over $530 million. This means it has now earned more than double the amount of the first film, and even with inflation adjustments there is no comparison.

Lagging quite a bit behind the previous installment it has still become a genuine hit. Worldwide it had pulled in more than $1.1 billion.


6. THE FIRST PURGE – $9.1m
Holding respectably with a -45% dip this has already earned almost $50 million against a meager budget of $13 million. There will certainly be more of these titles to arrive.

There have been lots of praise for this experimental comedy about a telemarketer who finds material success. Expanded into 800 theater theaters and the screen average would place it in the top-5.

Coming close to surpassing the total from the initial film. It will be some time before we know if Sony — which took over this property from Lionsgate — will see enough to legitimize another sequel.

9. UNCLE DREW – $3.22m
It tossed off more than $1,000 screens in just its third week, and that was without a saturation release; it opened on less than 3,000 screens.

10. OCEANS 8 – $2.9m
6 weeks and $130 million is a decent run for the ladies.


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