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Another franchise shows signs of life.

In a very choked month of heroes, another one debuts this weekend, with the expected heroic numbers. A number of other titles also premiered, but honestly, who cares? There are comic book heroes afoot!


A vulgar comics anti-hero from Marvel, via Fox, returns to fandemonium and aided by a well-executed ad campaign. Meanwhile all the heroes that were mocked are also roping in cash in their mostly serious ensemble piece. Every other title had to be content with the discarded stubs in the lobby. Here’s the massive, and meager, numbers this weekend,

1.  DEADPOOL 2 – $125m
The Merc With The Mouth returned in all his obscene glory, and the fans ate it up. Fox flooded him in theaters to maximize the return, a smart move given “Solo: A Star Wars Story” opens immediately next week. This was the widest release ever for the studio, showing in 4,349 theaters. It set R-rated records for the weekend debut, preview grosses on Thursday (topping those from “It” last fall), and widest release. The Saturday haul was slightly off projections, so this lands as the second-biggest R-rated open, behind the original. These are good figures for the film, but next week will be worth watching to see how much it is impacted by the next fan-boy title to slide into competition.


Shedding a few hundred screens as it continues to hoover up cash, this is on the edge of making $600 million domestically. It exploded in China with a $200 million opening, and it is climbing towards the $2 billion level internationally. It is ranking at or near the top on numerous all-time categories, battling with “The Force Awakens” for supremacy.

3. BOOK CLUB – $12.5m
The amid comic book films this adult-themed comedy is a counter-programming effort, with elder actresses appealing to the female audiences. This came in right at estimates, and has a chance at extending things as the audience grades have been mostly favorable.

4. LIFE OF THE PARTY – $7.72m
Coming off Melissa McCarthy’ lowest opening for a film this one dipped a heavy -57%, as fewer had interest in the retread idea of an adult returning to college.

5. BREAKING IN – $6.47m
A pure genre play with all the focus on the opening, this one dropped a big -63%. But with a meager budget of just $6 million Universal is plenty satisfied already.


6. SHOW DOGS – $6.03m
Will Arnett is slumming in the CGI-enhanced buddy-cop comedy for kids. It has computer animated dogs which talk; need more be said?

7. OVERBOARD – $4.72m
The remake no one really asked for has been really overlooked the past few weeks. It is very unlikely this will become any kind of cult hit, like the original.

8. A QUIET PLACE – $4.04m
In just a day or so this surprise hit will have made $300 million worldwide.

9. RAMPAGE – $1.5m
Looking as if the power of the serum is wearing off, and it may not end up reaching the $100 million mark in North America. It has however it has been a global hit, and earned over $400 million worldwide.

10. RBG – $1.27m
This small documentary about the Supreme Court justice added 375 screens and increased its small take by +7%.



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