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It has been a mixed bag of offerings in the wake of “Black Panther”. After driving February to its first ever $1 billion total the holdover Marvel hero was about the lone bright spot in March. Many big budget films failed to latch on with audiences while some smaller titles impressed with overperformance. Over all the month was down -24% from 2017.



April however is showing much better success, and that is only going to explode on the 27th, when “Avengers: Infinity War” opens. There are some strong contenders flexing their muscles for now, enjoying their time on screen, before the heroes arrive and begin to vacuum up all the cash.


1.  RAMPAGE – $34.6 Million

Projections were all over the map for this one, and through the weekend the number kept moving, but a strong Saturday means it prevails. A computer-driven monster action set piece based on a video game starring Dwayne The Rock Johnson, this one is not likely going to mentioned at next year’s Oscars in anything beyond the technical categories. (Possible consideration for Best Achievement in sound.) The thing is, the film seems to be entirely aware of its ridiculousness, and rather than attempt to elevate beyond that it embraces that idiocy with both arms. It is a big, loud, violent, and stupid enterprise, and it is a rollicking good time as well, if you turn the brain off. The question here is whether this is going to be able to become the most successful video game adaptation, a title is held by the original “Tomb Raider” (2001) at $131million. That will be a tough reach with “Avengers” looming on the horizon.

2. A QUIET PLACE – $32.6m

Continuing its deeply impressive run a strong hold in week two of just a drop of -35% means this almost took the #1 spot again. Helped by those going out for Friday the 13th. Defying horror category performances – which are usually first-weekend strong and dropping — this has nudged up to $100 million and is still going strong.


3.  TRUTH OR DARE – $19.08m

On the more traditional horror track this title typifies a Blumhouse Productions release; A miniscule $3.5 million budget for a forgettable plot meant to lure teens for a week or two and turn a quick profit. Hey, it works, so why alter that successful formula?

4.  READY PLAYER ONE – $11.2m

Not the blockbuster here in the states that it was expected to be, there is some help coming from overseas. It dropped 500 screens in its third week as it just climbs over $100 million, but foreign box office has delivered $300 million. It is still a long way off of profitability.

5.  BLOCKERS – $10.3m

The adult comedy is performing well enough, with a moderate drop of -50% in its second week. That is average, but considering the tough competition this is almost an admirable return.

6.  BLACK PANTHER – $5.34m

Still showing on over 2,000 screens in its ninth weekend, this his $675 million domestic, and ticked over $1.3 billion globally. You see the strength by how prominent the Big Cat is featured in the newest commercials for “Infinity War”.

 7.  ISLE OF DOGS – $5.0m

Opening wider into just under two thousand screens the critically acclaimed stop-motion romp from Wes Anderson has its fans. It will be a long and slow play to see how it performs overall.


8.  I CAN ONLY IMAGINE – $3.83m

The surprise Christian hit is still in the top-10 after a month, showing on 1,000 more screens than its debut. It has reached $75 million in total.


Just as predictable as a horror film, Tyler Perry films are opening week plays, with a successful run to the $40-50m range. At $37 million total so far this title is perfectly in line for that blueprint.

10.  CHAPPAQUIDDICK – $3.02m

A mild surprise last week it has a respectable -47% drop, and moderate success overall for investors.




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