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Another feral performance at the litter-box office (See, he’s a cat, so…)

There were no questions this week about the results. The only issue was what other records may be set by the monster hit “Black Panther” in its second week of release. There were a few nominal new releases, but they were a pittance, sacrificed like a field mouse trapped in the barn and swatted around as mere playthings.


So let’s take a look into things and tabulate what benchmarks were achieved, as well as noting how the also-rans that had their fortunes halted by having their tails stepped upon. (And let’s knock it off with the damned cat puns as well.)


1.  BLACK PANTHER – $108.04 Million
Every eye on this title was to see how well it would perform in its second week, where it dipped -46%, a better than usual average for a blockbuster. It became just the fourth film to break the $100 million line in its sophomore session, doing so by delivering the second best ever second-weekend return. It crossed the $400 million mark in 10 days, tying “Jurassic World” for the second-fastest title to do so. In IMAX theaters the film is a beast, becoming the highest-grossing Marvel title shown in that format. There are only more landmark numbers to follow to be certain.


2. GAME NIGHT – $16.6m
This was a respectable, if far from impressive, debut for the Jason Bateman romp. Once you consider the behemoth competition and the track record of adult comedies over the past year, this is a rather surprising return in that it did not get fully stomped.



3. PETER RABBIT – $12.54m
The animated feature is holding up supremely well, taking a very slight drop of just -28%. Being the only family feature with traction on the market helps, and probably seeing split families, between “Panther” with older members.


4. ANNIHILATION – $11.0m
Another new offering is this sci-fi action piece with Natalie Portman. The themes are deep and introspective, which means it is going to suffer in this atmosphere of splashy comic book-style pyrotechnics.


5. 50 SHADES FREED – $6.91m
Already seeing itself lagging, now starting to shed theaters, dropping over 500 in its third week. The global number is still bloated, grossing over $320 million.


This massive hit is only now starting to slow down, although it is still playing in 2,500 screens after 10 weeks. It should cross over the $400 million domestic mark by next week. The main question will be does it have the chance to hit the $1 billion level globally?


7. THE 15:17 TO PARIS – $3.6m
Largely regarded as underperforming, this is a longshot to reach break-even territory.



Starting to ease out of its strength, the numbers have defied expectations: $160 million domestic, and foreign sales just crossed over the $200 million plateau.


9. EVERY DAY – $3.10m
You are starting out with a challenge when your premise is “A metaphysical teen romance”. The story concerns a teen girl who meets a mysterious stranger that occupies the body of a different person each day. It won’t be spending “every week” on the charts.


10. EARLY MAN – $1.7m
This forgotten animated lark from last week continues to be overlooked.


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