YIKES: Biden Severely Triggered by a Reporter, Tries to Make a Threat, but His Senility Gets in the Way

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

A newly released video showed Joe Biden becoming severely triggered while being questioned by a reporter during an "influencer" event at the White House. Independent journalist Jonathan M. Katz, who has a sizable social media following, confronted the president with his phone in hand, asking about civilian deaths in Gaza. 


Biden was none too pleased. He snapped and attempted to make some kind of threat involving throwing Katz's phone. It's hard to tell what his intention was because his senility got in the way and he completely flubbed what he was trying to say. 

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The following transcript is not embellished. This is what he actually said.

BIDEN: And I know you're a typical press guy, you're grabbing me in front of this, all this...(Biden says something completely unintelligible)...and I trust you as far as I throw your phone. I have a good arm, man, I can throw a long way, but my point is this...

(Five seconds of awkward silence)

I have made very clear to the Israelis what they have to do in the near term, if they don't, what's going to happen. 

KATZ: What's going to happen? 

BIDEN: A lot

KATZ: Are you guys going to cut off funding? 

The saying is, "I don't trust you as far as I can throw you." The entire point of the quip is to say that you can't throw a person far because they are heavy. Thus, you do not trust them. Somehow, Biden turned that into him threatening to take the reporter's phone and throw it across the room because he can "throw a long way." What in the world? 

I could also comment on the fact that Biden was pathetically trying to straddle the fence between Israel and Hamas instead of just standing up for an ally. His faux tough guy act is so pathetic and speaks to his weakness as a leader. He should have told Katz that the war would end the moment Hamas surrendered and released the hostages. He can't do that, though, lest his far-left base eat him alive. 


Regardless, if you want to know why the DOJ is refusing to release the tape of Biden's interview with now-former special counsel Robert Hurt, the above video is why. He's unintelligible at times. He continuously mixes up his words and meanings. He suffers long awkward pauses as he attempts to remember what he is addressing.

Now, imagine how Biden sounded in a multi-hour interview. That tape has to be an absolute disaster, so much so that AG Merrick Garland accepted being held in contempt of Congress rather than honor a congressional subpoena for it. We may not get to hear it before the election, but if Trump wins, he needs to release it immediately. The world needs to see how a Democrat administration hid evidence of Biden's senility for political gain.


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