More Bumbling Confusion From Biden at the G7 Opens Up Big Questions About the Debate

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Joe Biden is currently in Europe for the annual G7 conference, and as sure as the sun has risen, things did not go well. As RedState reported, the president appeared confused at times, having to be guided around throughout the event. When it was his turn to speak, the glassy eyes and slurred speech were present. 


It was an embarrassing spectacle for the United States, a nation desperately needing strong leadership in an increasingly dangerous world. Instead, we get this. 

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America's adversaries have to be looking at those scenes and smiling. They know they can get away with just about anything with Biden at the helm, and his public appearances only further perpetuate his weakness. Look at the other leaders in that video, knowing they have to play along with this farce and pretend the president isn't completely gone mentally. It must be exhausting to hold these meetings. 

Biden wasn't done, though, because he's never done. There's always the next example of his senility just around the corner, and he delivered it later in the day while watching Italian military members skydive. 

Italian PM Giorgia Meloni essentially operated as Biden's handler the whole day. In the above clip, the president randomly starts wandering off, causing her to have to walk over and redirect him. Every single other leader understood the assignment except Biden, who quickly spun around after Meloni gave him a gentle correction. He then slowly donned a pair of aviator sunglasses, appearing completely perplexed as to what had just occurred. 


Which brings me to the main question that arises from all this: How in the world is this guy going to debate on June 27th?

I know that CNN has stacked the deck in his favor by eliminating the audience, adding bathroom breaks, and holding to strict time limits, but that stuff can only go so far. Are there enough drugs in the world for Biden to appear sentient in front of a national television audience? Or will we end up with the analog to his State of the Union performance, where he burst onto the scene like a cracked-out chihuahua before crashing in the second half? At this point, I'm worried his handlers might overdose him.

Donald Trump isn't asking for my advice, but if he were, it would be simple: Let Biden talk. Do not feel like you've got to win every argument by interjecting or outmaneuvering him. Trump is a brawler when it comes to political debates, but this is a situation where looking like the adult in the room just means not drooling on yourself and letting the other guy self-destruct. Biden is that out of it at this point. This dude is gone.


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