WATCH: Sen. Kennedy Ends Alvin Bragg and Joe Biden in Under a Minute

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John Kennedy continues to be an American treasure. Appearing on Fox News, the senator displayed his patented humor and wit with a takedown of both Alvin Bragg and Joe Biden. 


That it took him less than a minute makes it even more impressive. I know this guy is 72 years old, but can we keep him for at least another term?

KENNEDY: Well...this trial I think says more about our politics than it says about an alleged crime. Mr. Bragg, I don't know him either. My observation is that if you want to hide something from him, you put it in a law book. He's bringing a felony criminal trial, but he hasn't proved a felony. 

Here's why. I think most fair-minded Americans look at President Biden and they say, "Well, he's old, his vice president' weak, his policies suck, his family has corruption problems, and he's losing the election." So he has decided to throw deep. As the vice president might say, "kick down the fing door," and prosecute his opponent. 

Kennedy always has a turn of phrase ready to go, and his slam on Bragg is right now. I don't care what someone personally thinks about Trump. That's completely irrelevant to the discussion of how absurd this New York criminal case is. 

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Bragg is charging Trump with what are essentially paperwork violations. Those wouldn't be prosecutable, though, if they didn't occur in the process of committing another felony. What is that felony? We have no idea and neither does the jury. At this point, it's not even clear the judge is going to make the prosecution define it. What we do know is that the Department of Justice, far from a friend of the former president, looked at all this and deemed there was no case.


There are also issues revolving around how Bragg managed to upgrade the misdemeanors surrounding the accounting of the "hush money payment" to felonies, which allowed the prosecution to get around the statute of limitations. In short, we have two misdemeanors that require an underlying crime, yet they've been upgraded to felonies based on a supposed crime that hasn't been defined. It's so stupid that even left-wing sources have been questioning the wisdom of it.

As Kennedy says, this is all about politics. Joe Biden was not confident he could win the 2024 election given how disastrous his term has been so he's trying to use lawfare to take out his opponent instead. It's third-world nonsense from a guy who can't shut up about "protecting democracy." Of course, to Democrats, "democracy" means them winning. Anything else is "authoritarian."


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