Dazed and Confused: Joe Biden Focuses on 'LBTQ-Plus' Stuff During Veterans Day Speech and Flubs That Too

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Joe Biden set out on Saturday to attend the various Veterans Day ceremonies that presidents normally attend, and he found himself dazed and confused more than once.


Things kicked off at the White House, where Biden was joined by Vice President Kamala Harris, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and active service members. The president walked up to pose for pictures. His physical appearance was bleak, with his back hunched and a blank look on his face. He then walked away before turning around in confusion as to what he was supposed to do. At that point, a service member stepped in to point him in the right direction.

Biden then made his way to Arlington Cemetery to deliver a speech. There were some senile moments, but the theme of the speech was more insulting than anything. 

You can tell the president is really invested in the whole LGBT thing by the fact that he can't even remember what the acronym is. He's reading off a teleprompter and still can't get it right, and this is far from the only time he's made that flub. It's a testament to how much the far-left has captured the Democratic Party. You've got these old geriatric politicians trying to repeat the talking point fed to them by their radical staffers, and they just can't quite get them right. It's a sad state of affairs. 

It's also insulting. Veterans Day is not about "LBTQ-plus" or whatever other letters the president wants to throw in there. It's about honoring the sacrifices of those who served, including the heroic actions of those who have delivered the freedom and prosperity we all enjoy today. Being a veteran is not about being part of some left-wing identity group. It's about being part of the whole, working toward one congruent goal. 


Biden and his handlers just can't help themselves, though. Everything has to be brought back to the far-left idea of intentionalism. That's how you get Democrat politicians proclaiming that anti-abortion laws disproportionately affect the "LGBT community" even though that makes no logical sense at all (biology still exists). 

Everything is just LGBT Mad-Libs at this point. It doesn't matter what the topic is, one's sexual orientation or "gender identity" must be mentioned and highlighted. I'd assume most veterans listen to this stuff and roll their eyes. No one who took down nazism or destroyed Al-Qaeda is losing sleep over whether the military is going to pay for genital mutilation for "transgender" people. 

That's where we are now, though. The leadership is more concerned with virtue signaling to far-left political demographics than winning wars. The results have been and will continue to be predictable. 



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