WATCH: Turkish Pro-Hamas Protesters Get a Brutal Lesson in Not Playing With Fireworks

AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews

Pro-Hamas protesters in Turkey learned the hard way on Saturday why you don't play around with fireworks. 

The protest, which was attended by Turkish "President" Tayyip Erdoğan, was a stark showing of the Islamism that has overtaken a once secular and welcoming country. The dictator gave a speech in which he claimed Israel isn't a country, and that the attacks of October 7th were entirely the fault of "the West." Aren't you really glad Turkey is part of NATO? 


But Erdoğan's pandering remarks aside, there were some bright spots. For example, a protester tried to launch fireworks while holding them, and things went all kinds of wrong. 

Looks like that guy's new nickname is going to be "Stubby" because I'm pretty sure he just lost every single one of his fingers. If I believed in karma, I'd say that was a pretty clear case of it.

After the explosion, the crowd scatters in all directions while the shrieking of what I assume are various women can be heard, as rockets fire in all directions. I'd hope those weren't men crying like that. Also, if you slow things down, you can see what looks like a father dumping his son onto the pavement, while he takes off running from the explosions. What a great show of courage, right? Turkey is obviously sending its best.

All of this is just so tiring. Most of the people at these protests are too young and stupid to know what it's actually like to live in a real Islamic state. They haven't had to actually abide by Sharia law or deal with the abject poverty that comes with that. They've been spoiled by Turkey's quasi-secularism, but that's all disappearing, and soon enough, they'll learn that cheering from a bunch of terrorists isn't nearly as fun as having a prosperous nation and basic freedoms. 


But hey, if that's the road these people want to go down, have at it. They should be made the learn their lessons the hard way. After all, they voted to keep Erdoğan in power even though his tyrannical tendencies were already out in the open. When Turkey ultimately collapses into total Islamic authoritarianism, to the extent it hasn't already, not a single one of them should be let into a Western nation. Let them live in the downfall of their own making.



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