Unbelievably Massive Pro-Hamas Protest in London Spells Doom for Europe

Pro-Hamas protesters march in London (10/28/23). Credit: Sky News

A massive pro-Hamas protest took place on Saturday in London, with videos showing what appears to be hundreds of thousands of people participating. 

The protesters demanded an end to hostilities against Hamas even after the terrorist government of Gaza slaughtered 1,400 Israelis on October 7th. Some shouted antisemitic chants while others held up signs that read things like "Queers for a free Palestine." 


Here's what the crowd looked like. 

To be clear, a "ceasefire" would simply spare Hamas total defeat, setting up another large-scale attack on Israeli civilians. The cycle of violence that those who claim to be "pro-Palestinian" constantly decry would simply be engrained for decades to come. There is no justification to spare murderous terrorists, who are still firing rockets into Israel and refuse to release the more than 200 hostages still being held. 

Furthermore, they continue to oppress the people who live in Gaza, denying them aid and using them as human shields. Hamas continuing to exist as a military and political force simply isn't sustainable for anyone. 

Unfortunately, these unbelievably large pro-Hamas protests show one thing: Europe is already doomed. 

Over the past few decades, two things have happened. Politically, European nations have leaned into far-left grievance politics, creating a culture whereby everyone is labeled oppressor or oppressed, regardless of the actual facts on the ground. What Americans see on college campuses is even more widespread in places like the UK and France. 


Then there are Europe's immigration policies, which have had an even bigger impact. Due to extremely lax rules on who qualifies for asylum, Muslim populations, many filled with Islamists, have flocked to Western Europe and been welcomed with open arms. Leaders saw it as a show of enlightenment and compassion. The result has been increased crime and a welfare system placed on the brink of collapse. 

Unfortunately for Europe, there's no turning back the clock on the situation. The tens of millions of refugees that have been let in completely unvetted are there, and they will never be expelled. There will never be the political will to do so, and there is no practical means to accomplish such a task anyway.

Because of that and the astronomically higher birthrates among Muslim refugees compared to native Europeans, it is just a matter of decades before the rest of the continent mirrors Turkey in terms of governance and propagation of Islamism.  

This is what happens when countries do not respect their own sovereignty, and the United States is currently on the same path, though it may still be time to stop what's happening. It would take a president willing to not only stringently enforce current immigration law but also be willing to close the current loopholes in the asylum system. Getting that in the 2024 election is far from a certainty.


As for Europe, the rank hubris of its leadership class and many within its population have led to its own demise. It's just a matter of timing at this point.



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