WATCH: Joe Biden Terrorizes a Young Child at NATO Summit by Licking Her Repeatedly

How do you even write a story about the President of the United States repeatedly licking a young child, sending her into a fit of terror? I don’t know, but I’m going to try.


The incident happened Thursday in Helsinki, Finland, which was the president’s last stop as part of his attendance at the 2023 NATO summit. A lot has occurred during his trip, much of it embarrassing and all of it covered here at RedState (see here, here, and here for examples).

You expect Biden’s senility to be on display when he appears in public, and his creepiness around minors even prior to his mental decline is well documented. What you don’t expect is for him to start profusely licking a child as if she’s an ice cream cone. I don’t even know what to make of this.

If you watch the video, what you’ll see is Biden leaning in to lick a small child that is being held by her mother. The child immediately recoils in horror as his mouth is placed on her back and he begins rapidly gyrating his head around. Biden then backs away momentarily before leaning back in an attempt to smell (or kiss?) the child, at which point she jerks away from him again. Finally, the president walks off.

Now, I’m sure Biden supporters will explain this away as Biden just being an innocent old guy who likes babies, but I don’t think that washes here. I’m not saying that I know there’s anything nefarious behind this intention, but I am confident in saying he’s way over the line in acting this way toward a young child he has no familial connection to.


For context, I like kids. I have several of them. My friends also have kids, and while I’ll joke around and tease them, I’d never physically put my mouth on one of them. For Biden to do that to a random child in a crowd is so far past what constitutes acceptable behavior that it’s hard to understand. Are none of his aides brave enough to tell him how this looks and that he needs to stop?

Basic boundaries should be respected no matter what someone’s age is. As you get to know someone, those boundaries may shrink a bit, but we aren’t talking about a niece or a grandchild in this situation. We are talking about Biden licking a toddler that he’s never met. Would any adult want someone like the president to come up to them and start gnawing on their back the way he does in the video? Of course, not. A child doesn’t want that from a stranger either, and you can see how scared she is in the clip.

I truly don’t understand how Biden hasn’t taken the hint yet. Over and over, he gets caught on video crossing lines in his public interactions with children that he shouldn’t cross, and over and over he just keeps doing it anyway. Someone in the White House needs to sit him down, show him this latest video, and explain to him what the problem is.


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