Email From Ronna McDaniel to Scott Presler Illustrates Everything That's Wrong With the Republican Party

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If you’ve frequented RedState for a while, you likely know I’m not a fan of the Republican National Committee. In fact, several writers on the site expressed open opposition to the re-election of Ronna McDaniel as its chairwoman. That coverage included a report on the wasteful spending of the RNC that became somewhat controversial, though not because it wasn’t completely truthful.


(See: Analysis of RNC Spending Since 2017 Shows Millions Were Spent on Private Jets, Limousines, Luxury Retreats, Broadway Shows)

Personally, I’ve been disgusted with how the RNC operates for a long time. I tend to be less than impressed by an organization refusing to change course even as it suffers embarrassing failure after embarrassing failure. You’d have to go back to 2016, seven years ago, to find an election cycle that broadly went well for Republicans. Yet, the same people remain in charge using the same tactics, propped up by the very politicians who constantly rail against the “establishment” while definitively protecting it.

One man, Scott Presler, has become a symbol of opposition to that status quo. Presler, more recently known for running state-level registration drives in swing states, has repeatedly requested to meet with McDaniel. Despite the backing of some very high-level people on the right, he has never received a response.

So when Presler received the following email, which included McDaniel as the sender, people were a bit taken aback.

I understand that McDaniel’s name on the email is part of a mass-marketing scheme. Still, whatever is delivered under her name, she is responsible for. On that note, it’s certainly ironic that she won’t return Presler’s calls, but she’ll send him a fundraising email. That seems like a bit of an oversight on her part. If she’s going to ignore one of the more well-liked figures on the right that is actually working on the ground level, at least remove the guy from the email blasts.


But I digress, that’s not my main takeaway from that email. Rather, it’s how it illustrates exactly what the Republican Party has become (and that’s nothing good). Note the demeaning language used. “I’m Disappointed,” the subject reads as if Presler has done something wrong. The caption then begins with “I asked my team to flag the profile of any dedicated Republican who has yet to complete their GOP voter profile, and they told me we have not heard from YOU.”

McDaniel must be really burning the midnight oil if she’s working at such a granular level, right? Of course, we know the language in the email is nonsense. It’s nothing but a ploy meant to stir up fear in whatever unsuspecting victim reads it, and yes, in my opinion, the word victim is appropriate here. The email continues, “Your response is so important to our party’s success that I’m even offering a 550% IMPACT INCREASE when you complete your GOP Voter Profile in the NEXT HOUR.”

What’s a “550% IMPACT INCREASE,” and how exactly can you increase the impact of ostensibly filling out a GOP voter profile? The answer is that email isn’t really about filling out any profile. Rather, it’s just another cheap gimmick to try to drive people to donate to the RNC with magical promises that doing so will somehow save America.


Summarized, it’s essentially telling people that if they give money, the RNC will multiply its impact with all the miraculous ability of Jesus multiplying the fishes and loaves. Does that sound honest to you? Or does it sound like a scam?

Recently, I got sucked into the black hole on YouTube that is watching hackers toy with Indian refund scammers, and I will say that it’s entertaining. After a while, you start to understand the ways in which scammers emotionally manipulate elderly people in order to bleed them dry of their savings. Watching a hacker get payback by erasing a scammer’s computer or interrupting an arranged drop is satisfying for obvious reasons.

Now let me ask you this: Which of the above roles is McDaniel playing? Because when I read these ridiculously manipulative fundraising emails, such as the one Presler shared, my mind immediately harkens to the tactics being used by those Indian refund scammers. And understand, Presler’s email is very tame compared to some of the others I’ve seen, which can get downright abrasive.

It shouldn’t be that way. A national party should be trustworthy and forthright. Instead, the RNC has become far too comfortable with manipulating those it claims to represent for personal and short-term gain. Donald Trump and his Save America PAC are also infamous for pioneering these tactics, and while I understand the tactics work, that’s not an excuse. Indian refund scamming also works. That doesn’t make it right.


Enough is enough. If the RNC and others aren’t going to show you basic respect, then they don’t deserve your money. Never mind that continuing to fund people who keep failing is a terrible investment anyway. I don’t know what 2024 is going to bring, though I’m less hopeful than I once was. What I do know is that the Republican Party needs a reset because what it is now is not sustainable.


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