Scott Presler Rallies Nevada Republicans to Engage in Elections at NRC Event

Scott Presler. CREDIT: Scott Presler, used with permission

The Nevada Republican Club (NRC) hosted a sold-out luncheon on Tuesday in Las Vegas, featuring Scott Presler, a well-known Republican speaker, voter engagement leader, and recipient of CPAC’s Ronald Reagan Award.


Presler spoke about the importance of voter registration, early voting, and legal ballot harvesting, urging Republicans to vote early like Democrats do — who vote for weeks — and saying that Republicans only vote for 12 hours on Election Day. Presler also emphasized that Nevada is in play for the 2024 presidential election, and he committed to spending the next year-and-a-half of his life making sure that Joe Biden is a one-term President.

Pauline Lee, former NRC president and board member, placed importance on Nevada as a persuasive state to the rest of the nation, telling RedState:

Nevada is important because we are first in the West. Where we go usually influences where other people go.

Lee continues:

We encourage everyone to vote and vote early. That’s why we brought in Scott Prelser.

For those who are less confident in our elections, Lee encourages them to use the early voting option:

You want to vote when the Dems vote because they are gonna count their votes.

Scott Presler with former NRC president and board member, Pauline Lee, at Ahern Hotel in Las Vegas, May 2, 2023. (Credit: Brittany Sheehan)

Presler has made good on his commitments in Nevada, planning stops in the Silver State and nearby Bullhead City, AZ, for more than a week. On Tuesday, he announced in a tweet he will be in Las Vegas for three consecutive days, personally helping voters to register or fix their party affiliation so that they can participate in Nevada’s closed primaries. He wrote:


I’m here in Las Vegas for the next 3 days. If you need to register to vote — or change your party voter registration to Republican — I’ll take time to personally meet w/ you. Nevada is in play for 2024.

Presler explained how our state’s closed primary system works:

Nevada is a closed primary state. If Republicans change to independent, they’re actually disenfranchising themselves b/c they won’t be able to vote in the presidential primary. Changing to independent helps the establishment.

The NRC, which is known for hosting top-notch events and putting out a slate card, also engages in legal ballot harvesting efforts and offers non-partisan judicial race recommendations. When asked about the importance of practicing ballot harvesting procedures, Lee told RedState:

 Anyone who doesn’t take the opportunity to practice ballot harvesting in the Feb 6 presidential primary is foolish, which is earlier than expected from people, but that’s just how it goes.


Lee doesn’t think putting drop boxes at secure community locations is enough:

Ballot boxes don’t work. If you are even remotely conservative, why would you drop off your ballot in a box? That doesn’t happen in real life. Drop boxes don’t make sense; you have to create a relationship with the person, or they have to understand where you are coming from.

The NRC has a vetting process for non-partisan judicial races, in which they ask conservative attorneys about their experiences with the candidates. It also interviews the judges, looking for traits of compassion, adherence to the law, and competency. They typically recommend conservative judges but prioritize competency and not creating law from the bench before political affiliation.

Presler has also been involved in judicial races in other states, campaigning for a Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate. He also supported RNC Chair candidate Harmeet Dhillion, who focused on “law-fare” in her platform.

Lee says of the NRC’s importance in elections:

I think the NRC is really important because it creates enthusiasm in the conservative crowd and spreads a lot of information. We not only spread a lot of information but encourage the public to be in contact with their candidates and public officials so that they are well-informed of their choices.


 Lee adds that the most important thing is for people to “be engaged”:

People have to re-engage and we have to help people to understand the process that we have. People should be engaged. Contact [email protected] to join our meetings.

The next stops on Presler’s speaking tour are:

  • May 6 Laughlin, NV
  • May 7 Bullhead City, AZ 
  • May 10 Mesquite, NV

To learn more about how to register, vote, or volunteer in your state, Prelser encourages readers to visit his website

Full disclosure: The contributor is acquainted with multiple individuals mentioned or quoted in the article.


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