Tim Scott's Appearance on 'The View' Ends in Embarrassment Because Republicans Never Learn

Tim Scott appears on The View (6/5/23). (Credit: Twitter)

For reasons that are completely beyond me, newly-minted 2024 presidential candidate Tim Scott decided to go on The View on Monday. As expected, the end result was checkered at best despite Scott doing his best to get his message out as he battled five left-wing hacks being cheered on by an audience of hardcore Democrats.


I’ll start with one of the few highlights for the South Carolina senator. In it, he makes some good points about the idea that the United States is systemically racist. Naturally, Sonny Hostin was leading the charge in asserting that for the panel.

Was there anything wrong with Scott’s answer? Of course, not. Rather, the problem is that his answer won’t be what goes viral. Instead, it will be the embarrassing moments that endure, and that was exactly what the hosts and producers of The View wanted. None of this stuff happens by chance.

For example, here’s Scott getting booed for daring to push back on the woke indoctrination of children.

Apparently, the audience of The View is really into “transitioning” the kids and having gay porn in school libraries. Why else would they be against protecting children at the most basic levels? But should the fact that left-wingers act like left-wingers be surprising? This begs the question of why Republicans keep doing this to themselves.


In another moment, Scott is seen arguing with Hostin while the stage producer comes out to tell him it’s time for a commercial break. He then complains they keep cutting to a commercial break during his answers while the other panelists mock him.

I just don’t get it. I’ve long been a proponent of starving the mainstream media of ratings, but instead, most Republicans simply refuse to learn the lesson and keep going on these biased shows that only exist to tear them down.

What is being gained by giving Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg credibility? Who is the person who watched The View and is even persuadable at this point? And whose mind was changed because the ladies on set got to make fun of Scott, talk over him, and produce viral clips that will now be used to further tear him and other Republicans down?

That’s the point for those that might disagree with my critique. It’s not that Scott didn’t have some good answers on the show. It’s that almost no one is going to see them. What they’ll see is the audience booing Scott and him looking befuddled while they try to cut him off with a commercial break.


Does Joe Biden go on Sean Hannity’s show? No, he doesn’t. So why are Republicans going on the shows of people who hate them and want to see them destroyed? What is gained by helping produce ratings and money for The View or doing a town hall on CNN when the end result is so obviously a net negative?

I understand the notion that facing adversarial media makes a candidate look “tough.” But that’s not the reality of the situation. Instead, Republicans usually come away looking weak, having been denied a chance to fully explain their positions. You will never beat the left by agreeing to play by their rules. How many more times do I need to say it? How many more articles must I write? I suspect the answer will be quite a few more.



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