James Comer Discusses His Meeting With the FBI, Reveals What's Next for the Biden Bribery Investigation

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Rep. James Comer, who is leading a House investigation into an alleged bribery scheme involving Joe Biden while he was vice president, gave a presser on Monday discussing his meeting with the FBI on the matter.


After weeks of ignoring a subpoena, the bureau finally agreed to brief Comer on the existence and details of an FD-1023 form that names Biden as a participant in a criminal bribery scheme. Following that meeting, the Republican congressional member shared several pertinent facts about the document. Namely, that it not only exists but that it has not been disproven or discredited by the FBI.

COMER: Today, FBI officials confirmed that the unclassified, FBI-generated record has not be disproven and is currently being used in an ongoing investigation. The confidential human source who provided information about then-vice president Biden being involved in a criminal bribery scheme is a trusted, highly-credible informant who has been used by the FBI for over 10 years and has been paid over six figures. These are facts, and no amount of spin, and frankly lies from the White House or congressional Democrats can change this information.

At the briefing, the FBI again refused to hand over the unclassified record to the custody of the House Oversight Committee, and we will now initiate contempt of Congress hearings this Thursday.


Comer confirms prior reporting at RedState that the confidential informant who provided the evidence against Biden is highly credible and has a long track record of exemplary work with the FBI. In other words, there is no justification to dismiss the source as biased or fly-by-night. This is a person who has provided material help to the federal government in other cases, and there is every reason to believe he’s telling the truth in this instance.

One new revelation that Comer discloses is that the FD-1023 is part of an ongoing investigation. That could be read in one of two ways. Either the FBI is actually investigating the alleged bribery scheme involving Biden and his family or more likely, they are just saying they are in order to keep the document out of the hands of Congress. The FBI has routinely claimed in the past that it can’t provide documents or discuss topics because they are part of an “ongoing” investigation. Meanwhile, those supposed investigations never seem to actually surface or lead anywhere, and the claim acts as a de facto veto of congressional power.

In response to that play, Comer says that Congress will now hold hearings on holding FBI Dir. Christopher Wray in contempt of Congress. That’s a move that won’t produce any legal ramifications given Biden’s DOJ would never press charges, but it could help provide grounds for a future court battle to obtain the FD-1023 form. Further, it helps get the overall story about Biden’s alleged corruption and criminality out in the open. If Wray is held in contempt, the press will be forced to report on why it happened.


Stay tuned because the battle between the FBI and Congress is about to heat up.


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