TIME Piece on Ron DeSantis Includes Hilarious Cover-Art but Only Manages to Make Him Seem More Based

Ron DeSantis is expected to jump into the 2024 presidential primary any day now, but the mainstream press outlets are getting a headstart on setting their general election narratives if he does come out victorious.


Namely, they want you to know that DeSantis is “worse than Trump” and a very bad man. In fact, he’s so competent and methodical at being bad that he represents a clear and present danger to the United States.

Enter TIME, which released this hilarious cover art accompanied by a rather schizophrenic piece on the Florida governor.

Scary stuff, right? For example, did you know that DeSantis keeps flakey Republicans in line and ensures they keep their promises to the people who elected them? Truly, this is horrific stuff that no voter would want from their leader.

I don’t know about you, but I’m shocked and appalled that DeSantis would deliver for his constituents. Obviously, politicians are just supposed to talk big and cry on social media, not actually get things done.

Meanwhile, take a wild guess at the “Republican” source they used for this article. It’s none other than MSNBC flack David Jolly, who has spent the better part of the last decade hyperventilating about the evils of the bad orange man and the direction of the GOP. If Jolly doesn’t have the pulse on the people of Florida, who voted for DeSantis by a 20-point margin just six months ago, then who does?


Let’s all hope Jolly follows through because Florida would be better off for it. The overwrought descriptions continued from there, with TIME laying out a list of what conservatives would consider accomplishments while quoting a Florida GOP representative calling DeSantis the “terminator.”

Again, is that supposed to be a bad thing? Am I supposed to be mad that DeSantis actually keeps his campaign promises and goes to the mat if others stand in his way? Call me crazy, but I think that kind of leadership at the national level would be pretty darn useful, especially after the last several years of loud noises and failure theater.


Right now, the national GOP is like a chihuahua. They act tough and introduce meaningless resolutions that will go nowhere, but they accomplish nothing for those who put them in office. Having a leader of the party that doesn’t care about what Maggie Haberman thinks and is willing to bust some heads to get things done, even within their own party, would be a welcome change of pace.

That along with the following is what really strikes fear into the hearts of liberals everywhere.

He was determined to use every bit of it. “One of my first orders of business after getting elected was to have my transition team amass an exhaustive list of all the constitutional, statutory, and customary powers of the governor,” he writes in The Courage to Be Free. “I wanted to be sure that I was using every lever available to advance our priorities.” Aides from the time have corroborated this account, describing a thick binder of information that DeSantis proceeded to devour.

Do you want to know how you defeat the deep state? It’s not going to happen on social media. It’s not going to happen by shouting “treason!” at the clouds. The FBI, DOJ, and the rest laugh at those kinds of gestures. The only way you defeat the deep state is with a ruthless, targeted assault that isn’t afraid to use every single ounce of power delegated no matter how much shrieking is involved. If it offends MSNBC or has moderate Republicans threatening impeachment, who cares? It has to be done.


The mainstream press hates DeSantis and is currently in a bout of printing “worse than Trump” stories because they truly believe the Florida man is strategic enough to get it done. Whether he’ll get the chance is another issue, but don’t doubt just how much they fear him.


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