Left-Wingers Seethe in Anger After Famous Glam Rockers Come Out Against Mutilating Kids

Two famous glam rockers are causing a stir after coming out against child mutilation performed under the guise of “gender-affirming care.” Paul Stanley of the band KISS kicked things off by putting out a statement denouncing the practice, calling it a “sad and dangerous fad.”


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Stanley hit on a point many on the right (which I assume he’s not) have been making since the idea of transitioning children became mainstream. Namely, the massive spike in children “identifying” as transgender is explained by the fact that it’s clearly a social contagion produced by peer pressure. It is not an act of nature that 40 percent of Generation Z identify as LGBT, with 25 percent of those identifying as “non-binary.”

Disgustingly, much of that peer pressure is being produced by mentally ill adults and their left-wing enablers in the legacy press and the Democratic Party. Vulnerable children who need real love and care are instead being told they don’t belong in their own bodies, and often for the silliest, shallowest reasons. Stanley’s mention of a boy being transitioned because he likes to wear dresses isn’t hyperbole. That’s how many of these child transitions stories begin, i.e. with a claim that little Johnny wanted a girl toy in a Happy Meal once.

Stanley became famous for wearing platform shoes and make-up while playing rock and roll, so I’d think he knows a thing or two about external appearances not actually defining who someone is biologically, and days after his initial post, he received some backup from Dee Snider of Twisted Sister (who is an outspoken progressive, mind you).


Naturally, the pro-trans lobby lost its mind over Stanley and Snider speaking what should be basic common sense. Some suggested they are hypocrites because of how they choose to present themselves on stage.

I’m gonna blow some minds here, so anyone reading will want to sit down first: Wearing make-up and sequin shirts on stage while playing rock music is not the same as telling kids they are the opposite sex and chopping their genitals off.

I know that’s a big revelation, and you might want to let it stew for a while, but it’s true. In fact, that’s the entire point Stanley and Snider are making. The fact that they dabbled in more feminine attire as part of a stage show did not dictate their gender, and confusing children by telling them they can adopt random pronouns while hopping them up on hormone blockers is abusive.


Here’s the other thing. Putting aside those primary arguments, I’m also not seeing Stanley or Snider demanding the right to gyrate sexually in front of small children. So even the comparison to “family-friendly” drag shows falls flat.

What’s being done to the current generation of children is criminal. Parents that push gender ideology on their kids are abusing them in grotesque ways, and a society that lets that continue is a useless society. The fight on this is really just beginning, but if enough people stand up, common sense might just win the day.


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