Biden Administration Decides Mutilating Children Is a Civil Right

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Some days, I go to write an article and it’s dealing with a topic so egregiously insane that I almost feel like I’m covering satire. Today is one of those days.


The Biden Administration, via the DOJ, has sent a letter to attorneys general around the country threatening to sue if states attempt to stop the mutilation of children in the form of “gender reassignment” surgery, hormone blockers, and other actions that change the natural development of a child. In other words, Joe Biden and his degenerate underlings now view physically “transitioning” a child as a civil right, which tracks with the video the president put out on Thursday on the matter.

I know it’s overwrought at times to accuse the Biden administration of being sick and demented, but this is truly sick and demented stuff. It’s one thing to disagree on immigration policy or how to handle the economy. It’s another to assert that states can’t protect children who are at risk of being physically mauled by parents seeking to affirm their own selfish, twisted worldview. In practice, this could play out as CPS being able to take a child if a parent doesn’t “affirm” childhood delusions of being another sex/gender. Go have a kid “diagnosed” as transgender and then cut their penis off at 15 years old, though? Well, that’s just fine.


Again, this is like living in a parody. Even a decade ago, the suggestion that mutilating children would not only become mainstream but protected by the DOJ would have drawn laughter and claims of vast overreaction. But today, that’s now a reality, which again shows just how important it is to get out in front of cultural battles. The left does not stop, and if they are given any kind of opening, they will take things to absurd, harmful lengths never thought possible.

I feel like I have to keep saying it because it’s just so nuts, but we are literally talking about the physical mutilation of children here. That’s obviously true regarding “gender reassignment surgery” (I use quotes because you are not actually reassigning anything), where a child has their physical body cut open and altered, but injecting children with various hormone blockers and testosterone is not a zero-sum game either.

All of this is couched in the claim that it is better for the “health” of a child to simply “affirm” whatever they say, which is not a standard that applies to any other childhood topic for the obvious reason that children lack the developmental capacity to make such decisions. Meanwhile, in Europe, they are going the opposite way because the evidence simply isn’t there that permanently maiming children is somehow better than psychologically working through their issues.


The above thread keeps going with more examples, but suffice it to say, the United States is leading the world in radical transgender ideology. That’s especially when it comes to kids, which brings us to the societal questions at hand.

How does a society sustain itself when one side can’t even agree on the basic premise that children shouldn’t have their bodies mutilated in order to “affirm” fairly normal childhood confusion? Kids are not born with an ingrained concept of being able to “change” their sex/gender. That’s an idea foisted on them by political propaganda, and it has led to an explosion of “transgenderism” in the youngest generation of Americans. There’s nothing natural or biological about such a disparate rise. Rather, it’s clearly environmental.


I fear where this is headed, not just for the children involved (who are obviously the priority), but also for the nation as a whole. This is a bridge too far for many (perhaps even most) Americans, as it should be. I’m constantly astonished and disturbed that we’ve gotten to this point. Something has to give.


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